Jessica Simpson's Huge Baby Bump Doesn't Stop Her From Walking Down the Aisle

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Jessica SimpsonShe has to be due to give birth pretty much any day now, but that didn't stop Jessica Simpson from being a pregnant bridesmaid in a friend's wedding.

No, you're not having a case of deja vu, because Jess was also preggo for her best pal Cacie Cobb's wedding back in December, though she wasn't showing anywhere near as much as she is now, of course.

Interestingly enough, Jess wore black bridesmaid gowns to both weddings, and it's hard not to wonder if she was sweating buckets in the long-sleeved version she wore for the latest affair. Heck, I'd be hot in that thing and I don't have a bun in the oven, so I can't imagine how uncomfortable she must have been.

But even though being a pregnant bridesmaid isn't the most ideal situation, you gotta admit -- Jess pulled it off like a real champ. And even though she had to be well aware that she looks a whole lot different than the other girls in the wedding party, it's obvious that she was proud to show off her baby bump -- as she should be.

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Heck, in a lot of ways, maybe it's better to be pregnant as a bridesmaid than, well, not pregnant? (Hear me out.) I mean, I know you can't drink and everything, which is a real downer -- but at least you don't have to sit there stressing all day long over whether or not you look fat in your dress. Come on, how many bridesmaid dresses have you worn that are actually flattering? Most of them are either made of a material that clings to every inch of your body (and not in a good way), or they only look good on that one member of the bridal party who doesn't have any armpit fat or bra-line bulge going on.

At least when you're pregnant, you're not supposed to look like your normal self, so all people can do is ooh and ahh over how beautiful you are and that you're glowing and all that good stuff. No one will dare think (or say) otherwise, so you might as well enjoy it, knowing you're definitely the belle of the ball (aside from the bride, of course).

Yeah ... I'm thinking this preggo bridesmaid thing just might be the best kept wedding secret out there -- what do you think?

Have you ever been a pregnant bridesmaid?


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nonmember avatar Amy

I was a bridesmaid at 7 months pregnant and I loved it!

meparty meparty

How much longer will she be pregnant?

Austi... Austinsmommy12

I so was! I was 6 months, hotter than hell, and sweating bullets in an outdoor ceremony at the end of June in Georgia. I wore black as well, and still managed to be huge walking down the aisle lol. It was fun though, just because you really don't have to stress about dieting and looking great in your dress. I wore flip flops and had an updo, and people still commented on my "glow". Highly recommend it!

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