60-Year-Old's Surprise Baby Will Make You Rethink Birth Control After Menopause

baby toesWe've heard plenty of stories before about women unaware they were pregnant suddenly giving birth to babies. The Discovery Channel has an entire show devoted to such cases called what else but I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant. Still, this recent case will blow you away, plain and simple.

It happened last week when a 60-year-old woman went into the hospital complaining of stomach pains. She wasn't sure what was going on, but she sure as heck did not expect doctors to find what they found to be causing the pain -- a baby.

According to International Business Times, the woman identified only as Lilabai already has three children. So you'd think she might have noticed the symptoms, but then again, she's 60, so who would think? She reportedly was completely shocked when doctors told her she was pregnant. She was then immediately transferred to the maternity ward of the hospital, and the baby girl was born via c-section shortly thereafter. 

Thankfully, both are said to be doing fine, with no medical complications, but how crazy is that? It's one thing to go to the hospital thinking you may have food poisoning or an appendix that needs to be removed, only to come home with a baby. But to do so at 60 years of age?!

Women are having babies at older and older ages these days, but that's usually because they're using artificial methods of conception because they WANT a baby. To have an oops baby at 60 is mind-boggling. Your dreams of retirement would suddenly be snapped back to life with diapers and preschool and ... all of it again. I'm almost two decades younger than this woman, and it makes me shudder a bit to think of doing it again, since we're (hopefully) done having kids. There would also be worries about not being there to watch the child grow and so many other complications. It's definitely enough to make you rethink your birth control strategy for years and years to come.

Of course, now, here she is, so hopefully they'll make the best of this very unexpected addition to their family. Hopefully it will turn out to be the most wonderful surprise of their lives, and she'll add to their family in ways they never could have imagined. I just hope I never get a surprise like that.

Can you imagine having a surprise baby at 60?

Image via SurFerGIRL30/Flickr

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LostS... LostSoul88

If I was that old I would hope one of my children or a younger family member would adopt her. 60 yrs old is to young to be a full time mommy and has no energy either. So it wouldn't be fair to a growing child.

mande... manderspanders

Would have been nice for you to include some other demographic information... like the fact that this was in India and the woman has a 13 year old son.

Frankly, I question if she is *actually* 60 years old.... seems pretty doubtful to me.

Jespren Jespren

I had a friend in junior high whose siblings were all 20+ years her elders, she was a surprise baby when her mom was like 52 or 53. Her father was even older. By the time I knew her, her mother was officially a 'senior citizen' (65+) and her father was over 70, she was barely in her teens.

Dawn Penque Artinger

No way, I'm enjoying being a grandma! My husband had a vasectomy so this won't be happening!

Msshe Msshe

Go lady for still getting it on! :) But wow would not imagine that. Glad both are ok and hope her grown children will help her out.

aduyt... aduytejslxgdu

Hmm makes me think about having all my baby making gear taken out when. I get older

hulie12 hulie12

I had a good friend whose mother was 55 when she was born-almost 56.  She had not given a thought to birth control of any kind sine the birth of her last child and it had been at least  ten years-since she had even a hint of a peroid.  In her case she went to the doctor and said she felt like she was pregnant but knew it was impossible.  The doctor agreed-did not do a test-until six months later when she was growing.  Thinking it was a tumor they did an ultrasound only to find a baby.  Dad was in his 60's and had been "fixed"  after the last child. Or so he thought.

nonmember avatar Amber

What always amazes me is how many think birthcontrol will protect you or that getting your tubes cut/tied/burnt or a vasectomy will protect because none of it is 100%. The only thing 100% is not having sex at all and even then obviously there are fertility treatments that go around the no sex life. Nothing is completely impossible its just that we as humans find the "impossible" amazing because its so rare or unheard of.

Teal Chastain Blacksten

She must have had irregular periods due to menopause, and thought she was done with them. Guess not!

Margaret De Vido

What if you had a baby, at 60, and had already had your tubes tied???

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