10 Most Important Items in Your Hospital Maternity Bag

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I found myself sitting next to an about-to-explode pregnant woman yesterday. I bit my tongue and resisted telling her just how insane her world was about to become and to go straight home to nap, because she wouldn't ever sleep well again. The poor woman looked so full of hope; the last thing I wanted to do was traumatize her.

Instead, I tried to offer some very practical advice: What I wish I'd brought to the hospital when I had each of my kids. Who knows if she actually took my advice to heart or not, but I certainly wish I'd been privy to such information back when I showed up with nothing but a change of clothes for myself and an outfit for baby. Here's an extended version of what I shared with her ...

1. Shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. The first shower you take after you give birth will be the best shower of your life and the hospital products suck.

2. A roll of good quality toilet paper or wipes. That first pee after giving birth is brutal. Hospital grade toilet paper feels like sandpaper and you don’t need that rubbing against your bruised lady parts. Trust me.

3. Makeup. I know, I know. You just pushed a human being out of your vagina -- who cares how you look in pictures with your newborn? You will. For the rest of your life.

4. Cellphone (obviously) but don’t forget the charger. Between taking pictures, tweeting, Facebooking, calling, texting, and emailing, you’ll blow through that battery in no time.

5. An extra bag. You’ll be sent home with diapers, wipes, formula, and more. It’s like a new mother’s Halloween! Make sure you can schlep all of your loot or you’ll be kicking yourself the next week at Babies R Us. That crap is expensive.

6. Preparation H. It will be your new best friend.

7. Food. You’re going to be starving and hospital food is revolting. Stock your fridge with all the stuff you haven’t been able to eat in nine months. And make sure to lock it from your husband. He’s eaten enough.

8. Extra strength maxi pads. The ones at the hospital haven’t changed in a century. Seriously, they practically have belts. A box of extra strength Always will be one of the best investments you make.

9. Maternity yoga pants. It’s total bullshit, but you will leave the hospital looking as pregnant as you went in. It’s tragic, but true.

10. A blindfold. For yourself. Girlfriend, you are going to look like hell. Best not to see it.


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mande... manderspanders

I'm going to start packing some things for the hospital this week... One suggestion I've seen that I will definitely do, and this goes right along with #1 - bring your own towel for your shower.  I have some nice, big bath sheets that I love and I typically take with me when I travel anyway.  I can't imagine that the hospital towels are adequate or soft.  At any rate, I'd think if you want to feel more yourself after birth, a good shower with your favorite body wash, shampoo, and conditioner followed up with a comfy towel to wrap up in is the way to go.

nonmember avatar MammaMel

A LONG CUTE night dress...granny panties...A RAZOR (trust me!)

Rebec... Rebecca7708

I didn't care what I looked like then, and almost 5 years later, I still don't.

jessa... jessasmamma

Bring your own pillow. The hospital ones are not great. CHAPSTICK. Hospitals are freezing and you're going to be kissing your new baby a million times - definitely don't need any chapped lips. And the BABY BOOK. I forgot my daughter's and it still makes me a little sad that we didn't get to have the nurses put her footprints/handprints IN the book. 

OneAl... OneAllergicMama

My favorite picture is of my son and I on the day we left the hospital - no makeup for me, I still had my post-birth glow.  Chapstick, yes.  Not for me as much as my hubby who would not stop complaining about his dry lips.  Forget that I am being induced, with pneumonia, let's focus on your lips.  A nursing gown.  And mitts for baby (neither hospital provided them).  Yes to shampoo, conditioner and soap because the all in one bottle they hand you sucks.  Prep H is handy but stool softeners are your best friend!!

sarah... sarahnapad

dont bring your favorite towel unless you want bodily fluids on it. i actually switched to the type of maxi pads they have at the hospital. they are simple, no plastic wings to scrape your already raw skin. makeup? what's that? i agree with the other stuff :)

mande... manderspanders

Oh, I have some nice body sheets that are OLD, so I wouldn't care if they were ruined... I think just being able to wrap up in a towel that *FITS* my body after my first shower is one way to feel a little more like myself after it all happens.

Sarah Ort

I cannot emphasize enough...FOOD.  I agve birth at 2:07 am, and there was literally nothing in the hospital open to eat from.  There was also nothing open in the city that was close enough to be easy.  Food, food, food, food...you will never be more ravenous in your entire life.

I also wish that I had brought my own towels, the hospital ones are so thin and tiny that it took like four to dry my hair.  Screw make-up, you just gave birth.  Use the mesh udies they give you too, 'cause you will ruin yours.

Katie Cruz

Man, with my last baby, I was READY for anything. hahaha I had slippers, a robe, my own undies, cell phone/charger, socks, snacks, shampoo/conditioner, my own pads, magazines, and only God knows what else. That was 2 years ago, and I don't regret bringing a single thing!

Katie Cruz

I think I did bring my own towel as well. Hehe


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