'Teen Mom' Kailyn Lowry's Tattoo Habit Could Harm Her Pregnancy

kailyn lowryTeen Mom Kailyn Lowry loves tattoos and has about one bagillion. From her huge back tattoo to her small wrist tats to her ever-expanding sleeve, the reality star is nearly covered in ink. But now that she's pregnant with husband Javi Marroquin, will she be able to curb her tattoo habit long enough to stay safe?

Getting inked while pregnant can be risky. In fact, it can even cause a miscarriage.

It's got nothing to do with the ink and everything to do the pain and the trauma. News flash! Getting tattoos hurts, and when your body is in pain, it freaks out and releases adrenaline, and that adrenaline rush could potentially harm a pregnancy.

There's no reason to take any chances at all when it comes to your little bun in the oven, and thankfully, Kailyn's tattoo artist Jesse Probus agrees.

He told RadarOnline that he will not be giving Kailyn any tattoos while she's pregnant. He explained that both she and he are aware of the risks and have decided to table any new ink until she pops out that baby.

Kailyn's all about finishing that sleeve of hers, but doesn't mind waiting until it's 100 percent safe. In the meantime, she can live vicariously through Javi. He's working on filling up his arm with tats, just like his wife. Aww.

And who knows, maybe the arrival of their baby will spark some awesome new tattoo ideas. Kailyn's due in a few months ... guess we'll just have to wait and see. Perhaps a family portrait on an upper thigh is in order?

Did you get tattooed while pregnant?


Photo via KailLowry/Instagram

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nonmember avatar Seanna

When you sign the waiver to get a tattoo, they ask if you are pregnant or nursing. If you are, they refuse service.

nonmember avatar Lizzie Borden

What an idiotic non-story. I come to the stir to read fluff stories and the viewpoints in the comment section, but seriously some of the stir writers really lack the ability to write with an iota of talent or intelligence. The stir has very, very low standards.

Valerie Metzger

I can only assume you're not a tattoo person. It may surprise you to learn that getting and loving tattoos does not turn you into a moron with no common sense. I was pretty shocked myself when I got my first tattoo, and was still able to make positive life choices.

laure... laurenemb

What is the point of this article? Did she get a tattoo while pregnant? Announce a decision to do so? Or are you assuming because she has tattoos she can't stop for 9 months?

I'm not even trying to sound mean or troll-y, I'm honetsly asking where this story came from because it seems like it accuses Kailyn of getting a tattoo while pregnant, which she didn't. 

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

Any good artist would refuse to work on a pregnant girl. If you lie on the waver and something goes wrong, that's your own fault for being ignorant.

nonmember avatar breeanna

I got one on my foot a 7 months my childs perfectly healthy leave kaylin alone shes a grown woman n its no ones buisness but hers

Delphina Mamacita Hernandez

congrats to kalyn and javi i watched your journey on teen mom i feel you kaliyn i see you so happy now and you deserve it congrates to you

Lindsay Murphy

stupid article....you make some crazy claim like shes killing her baby just to get hits on your site then in the article basically say OH JUST KIDDING,...she really didn't do anything. DUMB.

Victo... Victoria0785

Dumb article, no point. No respectful artist would touch someone who is pregnant, the liability is too high. Unless she goes to some crummy garage where a non licenses "artist" is doing the work, but that's not a real artist. People like K who are serious about their artwork know not to go to shitty artists, and her artist is obviously a good one and already said he wouldn't do it even if she asked (but she won't). Non news.

Andrea Parenteau

You suck Lindsey! Write a real story that you dont have to lie in the title to get people to read it. I would have read it if it had said Kailyn is a good mom who doesnt want to harm her baby.

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