10 Stylish Maternity Swimsuits to Flatter Every Pregnant Body Type (PHOTOS)

Julie Ryan Evans | Jun 13, 2013 Pregnancy

maternity swimsuitWhen you're pregnant in the summer, there's simply nothing better than floating around in a refreshing swimming pool. Of course, for many of us, there's also almost nothing worse than trying to find a bathing suit we like -- pregnant or not.

For some women, pregnancy gives them more confidence in their bodies. They love their fuller boobs and curves, and embrace them with bikinis skimpier and more revealing than ever. I have one friend who never wore a bikini in her life until she was pregnant -- then she rocked one. Others just aren't quite so comfortable showing off all of their growing parts and are looking for maximum coverage. The good news is that there are plenty of maternity swimsuits out there that work with all body types and tastes. Here are 10 of the hottest maternity swimsuits for pregnant ladies looking to stay cool this summer.

What kind of swimsuits do you/did you wear while pregnant?


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