Husband Carries Pregnant Wife 25 Miles in the Rain to Try & Save Their Baby

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Women rightly get most of the attention when it comes to having children, but sometimes we forget how truly devoted, helpful, and concerned many fathers can be during a woman's pregnancy. As far as dedicated dads go, this man must win some kind of award. When his six months pregnant wife developed a fever and began convulsing, he didn't rush her to the hospital in his SUV. That's because he couldn't. He lived in a remote village in the Kerala forest of India. The nearest town was 25 miles away. But he knew his wife needed better care than she could get in the village. So he decided to bring her 25 miles to the next town. By carrying her.

The man, reportedly named Ayyappan, realized that tribal medicine wasn't working on his pregnant wife, so he picked her up, placed her on his back, and began walking. Twenty-five miles. IN THE RAIN.

The man reportedly told The Hindu:

I had no other way but to carry her to Kokkathode, a town nearby. We started early in the morning when it was raining heavily, but I was more concerned about wild elephants.

They reached the town the next day and the wife was admitted into a hospital and scanned. Unfortunately, her baby had died. The woman apparently had high blood pressure and malnutrition, which contributed to her miscarriage.

The couple were reportedly crushed that the child didn't make it. However, doctors say that the man's walk wasn't in vain, for the woman herself would have surely died without medical intervention.

The woman may have lost her child, but it sounds like she has the best husband in the world. The pair, who are too poor to pay medical bills, are being looked after by a charitable organization.

Doesn't this just make you tear up? It reminds me of one of my favorite cinematic scenes of all time: When Ralph Fiennes leaves Kristin Scott Thomas in a cave and wanders days throughout the desert, dehydrated and delirious, trying to find her medical help in The English Patient. But not even he carried his love on his back!

What do you think of this husband?

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LostS... LostSoul88

He's an amazing man and it show's just how much he loves his wife and child. He walked forever in rain to save his baby. Breaks my heart the baby didn't survive. 

lalab... lalaboosh

This just breaks my heart, but at least they still have each other. I'm getting so sad picturing them in the rain like that.

prplecat prplecat

I bet he'll have the chance to be an amazing dad some day, too!

Corri Bischer

That is the kind of love anyone would love to have. He is amazing.


adiggs87 adiggs87

That is amazing love!!!! Kudos to that husband/father, he deserves the father title!!! *tear*

Don Gordon


 A Man above men.God BLESS


nonmember avatar Abby Radliff

This man carried his entire world thru the rain n never complained, never asked for anything in return, n just carried on with 1 goal n that's get his family where they can survive. That's a real husband n father!! A real man that other men should totally take a lesson from for real!! ;)

Tracy Pennington

May god bless them with many children in their future together. I believe he will be one GREAT father as she will be a great mom....wish them both luck

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