8 Things Only Pregnant Women Can Get Away With (PHOTOS)

pregnantLet's face it -- pregnancy is a miracle, but sometimes it can be a real drag, especially when you're hot, tired, uncomfortable, and literally feeling like your body has been taken over by a tiny human being living inside of you. (Which is the case, of course.)

But while those nine months aren't all fun and games, being pregnant does come with a few perks. There are certain things you can get away with doing that you probably wouldn't be able to if you didn't have a bun in the oven.

Take a look at these photos to see 8 things you can totally pull off if you happen to have a baby on the way.


Image via futurestreet/Flickr

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Rootbear Rootbear

I really hope some of these are supposed to be funny....

nonmember avatar blue

Handicapped spots? SERIOUSLY?? You're an idiot.

Badge83 Badge83

And I will happily write you a summons for parking in a designated handicapped zone. Thanks for making my job easier!

blunt... bluntcakes

Entitled much?

Believe me I'm happy when I see a mommy to be but hell no some of these things are not okay like expecting other people to do stuff for you or park in a space that wasn't designated for you. Most pregnancies don't make you disabled.

Victo... Victoria0785

If you're pregnant you're not handicapped! Being pregnant is so natural, something your body was made to do, therefore go ahead and give birth at hone! But god forbid you have to walk an extra 15 feet?! No, those spots are for actually handicapped people, like people with wheelchairs, walkers, crutches.

mande... manderspanders

If I can't walk INTO the store from the parking lot, then why the hell do I need to be walking around the store at all!  What a bunch of horsehit. It's women like you who take handicapped spaces that should be going to those who are actually disabled (like my grandfather with a bad hip and a bad heart... yet he refuses to use handicapped parking despite having the tags on the vehicles).

If I'm too tired or too sore, then I don't go out.

I also don't take advantage of any help in the store... we have carryout people at the grocery store, but I take it all out myself, even now at 36 weeks, because I'm sure there is someone who needs the help way, way worse than I do, especially if it's busy.

The only things I take advantage of are having my husband pick up stuff off the ground and rub my feet/legs at bed time; and letting the gas out as necessary because it's just too damned painful to keep it in. 

Entitled pregnant women piss me off. 

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

Yeah, not funny. The are plenty of amusing things that pregnant women actually can get away with like ordering an ice cream sundae with BBQ sauce or hogging the comfy seats anywhere they go. Suggesting we commit a crime and park in a handicapped spot is just lame. 

jalaz77 jalaz77

Some are funny. No way would I use handicap, use any bathroom and expect to be waited on!

LadyM... LadyMinni

Okay I am actually disabled. The permanent, painful, will-probably-die-by-50 kind of disabled. Your little nine month inconvenience that you CHOSE is not a disability. I've called the cops on the non-emergency line plenty of times over people who had no right to park in those spots parking there. They smile and write the tickets out happily, even to pregnant women.

I don't always need my handicapped parking, but when my hip is dislocated and I'm trying to carry two babies and groceries to a car, your pregnant ass had better be in a regular parking spot.

Oh, and I have used "expectant mother" parking when the handicapped parking was full. The difference is that I actually need it. Walking is good for pregnant women. People with EDS? Not so much. If you actually need it -probably not- then go to your doctor and get a temporary handicapped tag issued. Until then, get off of your entitled ass and park where you're supposed to. I'm only taking your parking because you're taking mine.

craft... craftycatVT

No way I'd park in a handicapped spot. Becoming pregnant is a decision, becoming handicapped is not.

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