20 Two-Part Baby Names for Parents Who Can't Decide on Just 1

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baby girlWhen it comes to baby names, I'm a little greedy -- I like two first names. My daughter is "Lila Claire", and I do everything I can to keep the two names together instead of separating them.

I love the old-fashioned sound of these two-part first names. Also, it's a good way to use popular names and make them stand out a bit in the mix. For example, I've run into plenty of Lilas but never a Lila Claire.

Some people like to hyphenate them, while others just have them stand side-by-side. You can choose to do it however you wish. Here are 20 of my favorite double baby names that might make you second guess just choosing one. 


1. Mary-Claire

2. Anna-Grace

3. Molly-Kate

4. Anna-Katherine

5. Amelia-Rose

6. Ellie-Mae

7. Emma-Frances

8. Ella-Faye

9. Leah-Louise

10. Ruby-May


1. Jack-Henry

2. John-Michael

3. Bobby-Lee

4. Zack-Allen

5. Charlie-Mack

6. Mark-Michael

7. Tyler-Jay

8. Thomas-Ray

9. Tommy-Lee

10. Oliver-James

Do you like double-name baby names? Which are your favorites?

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Alexa... AlexaAdams

My daughters middle name is Ever-Lee

nonmember avatar ekt

i like Cora Kate

Tracy Marie

My daughter is Anna-Catherine, we call her Anna-Cate. She was my last baby and I couldn't decide between these two names. It is beautiful, in my opinion.

RiotP... RiotPixie

My oldest daughter is Marti-Lynette. She also has 2 middle names.

Amelia Stacey

HA! my first and middle names are "Amelia Rose"

Amy Baldwin

for boy i like john michael, and tyler jay.. and girls not to sure maybe amelia rose, and ellie mae..........

Setsuki Setsuki

My daughter's is Olivia- Paige

mandy... mandy0812

My son Landen Rileigh & my daughter Jade Mishael... I love their names!

Tiffaney Bargholz

Bryce Lee.... 

I have a friend hers is Lilly-Mae


Jen Chilner

My daughter's name is Jaelynne Rose. I am Jennifer Lynne. The Jae is for Jennifer, The lynne is for my middle name, Rose, is for my grandmother who earned her wings when I was little. I always wanted a baby girl. I wanted her to carry my granma's name. Now, she does. Our little ones were named after my husband's grandfather and my grandmother. Very special to us.

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