Really Pregnant Women Doing Really Crazy Things -- Awesome! (PHOTOS)

pregnant motorcycleYou know what, pregnant ladies? You go be your bad selves. You may have a dumpling in the oven, but why should that change who you are? There are still so many things you love doing that you can keep doing not matter what your condition. All the way to the third tri, baby! To the bitter end. Don't let anything stop you.

Here are eight women who aren't about to let a silly little thing like gestating a human baby in their bodies get in the way of some fun.

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lalab... lalaboosh

Aww, now I wish more than ever that I'd gotten a pic of me about to pop on the back of my husband's motorcycle! I rode with him a few times trying to knock the baby loose, I was even in my rainbow sweater! Lol!

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

Getting up off the sofa was adventure enough for me at nine months.

nonmember avatar jess1272

i rode a riding lawn mower up until the day before I went into labor.

nonmember avatar Guest

Most of them are great and look like a blast- pregnant or not. But safety starts with the parents- I wish the motorcycle mom and bicycle mom were wearing helmets (although motor mom could have put one on before riding, and this was just a pre-ride photo).

mamma... mammadeeder

I was five days away from giving birth to my son last June, climbed a ten foot ladder, on flip-flops, holding one side of tresses for the roof of the shed my husband was building.... That was crazy. And stupid...

Megan Waugh Fallon

Those are cute pics. I rode my horse till about 7mos doc said i was ok cause i was used to it but the horse decided otherwise. LOL

mande... manderspanders

One halloween, they did a zombie walk in our downtown area... it was pretty awesome...  there were some visibly pregnant women who used special effect makeup to make their bumps into zombie babies too.  I personally think it is awesome when you can do something fun the bump. 

Leila... LeilaBeansMom

I milked 40 cows, fed cows, cleaned barn that morning, had my daughter that evening. Back in the barn 3 days later. The cows don't wait! Lol!

nonmember avatar Kaity

Come on. Some of these are seriously irresponsible, I wouldn't call them fun or crazy. A helmet wouldn't protect your baby. Can't you wait a few months before hopping on a motorcycle? What do you have to prove?

Rachel Bulle

i hitch-hiked and camped the eastern seaboard of Australia and Tasmania, from the top to bottom of the North Island of New Zealnd with a 40-50lb pack with my partner until i was 7.5 months along. at this stage a 1-inch thermarest mat was not cutting it. so we flew to Hawai'i for 3 weeks, then to Alaska. moved into our cabin without running water a week before he was born. i was planting the garden when the contractions started. i finished planting and had a baby at home

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