10 Celebrity Moms Who Had C-Sections

angelina jolieSome moms have natural births. Some moms have c-sections. Every baby is brought into this world differently. Some women simply prefer giving birth that way. Some women have c-sections out of necessity. The thing that matters most is that mama and baby are both safe and well taken care of.

But, as you know (and as with all things parenting), there seems to be a lot of controversy surrounding how women give birth. It sometimes can seem as if it's not their decision to choose. It sometimes can seem as if women are ... shamed for not giving birth how someone else wants them to. Not cool. And to be honest -- weird.

Here are 10 celebrities who gave birth to their beautiful babes via c-section -- and who are proud of it.

Oli Scarff/Getty

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linzemae linzemae

Tori has 4 kids.

Chana... Chanandler.Bong

I wish Christina Aguileras quote wasn't included.  It pretty much solidifies the stereotype of C Section moms just doing it for convenience.

Crissy Whitesides

I had 2 emergency c sections- for the love of God I do not know why anyone would choose to have that done!!! :( Not to even mention the huge scar!! SO painful!

sassy... sassykat122

I went into my first labor prepared to push a watermelon out of my hooha. When it turned into an emergency c i inwardly breathed a sigh of relief. I would rather have major surgery than go through typical birth. Not afraid to admit it

older... oldermomat41

Chanandler, what is wrong with having a c-section for convenience? We live in modern times and as long as the baby has gone to term, at least 38 weeks I see no problem with a woman choosing to give birth this way. 

Women have the right to choose an abortion, which is a surgical procedure so it really baffles me that I have the right to kill my baby but not the right to choose how I birth him. And I mention having the right because many insurance plans will not cover a c-section unless medically needed. 

I am not suggesting having a c-section before 38 weeks but if a woman has gone full term and would prefer this option, I see no reason why anyone else should give a shit. Many women who think this is so wrong have no problem with a women choosing to kill her baby through abortion.

Kimberly Zielinski

To the author:  Um, no.  Clearly if you had read your own article and each slide of actresses, you would see that not all of them are proud of it.  Way to make light of some women's pain. 

nonmember avatar Paige

Ive Had 2 emergancy csections and I cant understand Why anybody would choose to have it done just for the heck of it.its so much more harder to recover from.but as Long as mom and baby are safe and healthy thats all that matters.

daydr... daydreamer6170

ive had 2 c sections and will have another in oct. my first was an emergency with twins. after that i knew what to expect with it so its what were comfortable with. and i barely have a scar and recovery was a breeze, i was up and around within 24 hours and home doing normal things in a few days

jalaz77 jalaz77

I am more sad about Kate Winslets comment. She had to lie? No she didn't. She is insinuating that moms who had a c/s are not strong. I feel they are stronger. Try taking care of a kid after a MAJOR surgery. My 2nd was my one and only c/s. It sucked...

Christina A doing an elective c/s was taking a huge risk. I question physicians who are completely comfortable doing a c/s because thats what the mom wants. SO many risks. I never tell women who are pregnant that a c/s sucks because I don't feel the need to scare women who may have no choice but that route. There are worse things but c/s should only be done for medically necessary reasons only.

jalaz77 jalaz77

Haha daydreamer NO WAY were you doing "normal" things after a c/s...your telling me you were outside doing lawn work, laundry, soaked in the tub, drove, got groceries...??? If you were, you obviously didn't listen to your discharge instructions about recovery. My c/s recovery wasn't as bad as some women I have seen but my primary vag and VBACSx 2 were 10x easier, hands down!

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