Image of Baby Born in Amniotic Sac Gives Us an Awesome Look at the Miracle of Birth

baby amniotic sacIt's extremely rare, but when it happens, you've just got to take a photograph. A doctor in Greece delivered a baby via C-section -- with the baby still inside the amniotic sac. Dr. Aris Tsigris managed to get a photo snapped and posted it on Facebook for all the world to see. It gives us a breathtaking glimpse into a baby's life in utero. Have you ever seen anything like this before?


As most of us know, the amniotic sac is the life-sustaining, fluid-filled membrane that surrounds a developing fetus while it's in its mother's womb. Usually that membrane breaks during labor, or at the very least when the baby is born. Jessica Alba claims her baby Haven was also born inside the membrane during a vaginal birth. The membrane burst as the baby came out.

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We can see so much in this photo. The baby's curled-up position, the fluid, umbilical cord, hair, even an ear. It's incredible. It's also a little bit funky, but still. Amazing. That's the baby's entire world until it's born. The doctor says the baby is perfectly safe inside that amniotic sac even outside the womb, getting everything it needs as long as it's still connected to the mother's body. And once that sac was broken, the baby began breathing just like nearly ever other newborn baby. Really cool that we get to see birth from this perspective, though.

Have you ever heard of someone giving birth to a baby who was still inside the amniotic sac?


Image via Facebook

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