6 Baby Shower Traditions That Are Just Plain Corny

baby showerBaby showers. They're the sweetest, aren't they? A bunch of fun-loving ladies hanging out together, all there to support their beloved friend or relative who's about to give birth. Baby showers are amazing! But also, let's get real here -- there are some aspects of them that are kind of corny. 

Just like bridal showers, they're a rite of passage, and any and all slightly corny things ought to be done (and, yes, some were done at my shower!). But that dosen't mean they're without a little cheese.

Here are 6 corny baby shower traditions that will never be, well, cool.

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nonmember avatar Mary

The collection jar is just straight up tacky and obnoxious. I have never attended a baby shower in which they had one of those. Lol college fund? Lol isn't that the parents responsibility. I bring a smile and a gift. They would not see a red cent from me.

Nov03... Nov03baby

I agree with the collection jar being tacky. Have never seen this in my circle. I disagree on the Jordan Almonds. It is a tradition in certain cultures and if you get the real gourmet one from Italy they are soooo good. Not the crappy ones in the craft stores.

csxt99 csxt99

Admittedly, I have been to few baby showers, but I have never been to one that had any of the things listed.  I haven't even heard of the things.

nonmember avatar momof3

Yeah I have not seen any of these things at a baby shower either. And the diaper bike corny? Maybe to you but I think it's really cool! I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

kjjakjja kjjakjja

Been to a quite a few showers and never seen these. The collection jar is tacky and completely embarrassing. Why not say the truth and call it the Diaper fund?

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

I think requesting anything at your own baby shower is tacky. Where I'm from its traditional for the family of the mother to be to throw the event. At both of my showers I was extremely fortunate and grateful that everyone wanted to do anything for my baby. Just show appreciation!!

Jasmine Swenk

hoestly? i know that since this is my third baby maybe i am not supposed to be getting a baby shower, though my last baby was born 5 years ago. I have no baby stuff left. No one in my family has even metioned trying a baby shower. I moved from Ohio to Texas due to my husband being stationed here, so I registered at amazon.com for a baby registery thing and i have had one person buy two small things. My husband and I are trying to do everything we can to get stuf ready for baby to be here in July. I don't care what i would be, anything from anyone is accepted by us. The bag full of clothes from my neighbor? awesome! the hand me down toy? flipping sweet!! i had a baby shower for my first daughter and like 5 people showed....and i got a few blankes some clothes and i am pretty sure that was it. Who cares how tacky any of it is, some people, like me, would kill to be having even a tiny baby shower...or even just get a box of gifts..


Tarot Tarot

I don't see why it matters what sort of things are going on as long as the guests are having fun. Except the collection plate. That's just tacky.

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