Kim Kardashian Might Eat Her Placenta but Before You Say 'Ew' Hear Her Out

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Kim KardashianOh boy. She must have a serious case of "pregnancy brain" going on, because Kim Kardashian is considering eating her placenta after her baby girl arrives in July.

No, this isn't a rumor. On the season premiere of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim looked right at her doctor and asked if eating her placenta would "make her look younger" -- and then she said she "really wants to do it."

Huh. Famous moms hopping on the placenta eating bandwagon is nothing new. January Jones ingested her placenta in capsule form, and Holly Madison was supposedly planning on popping placenta pills too. But I always wondered if the main reason they did it is because it's controversial and trendy -- which the celeb crowd definitely loves.

I've never heard anything about eating your placenta as a means of looking younger. (Does it really work?)

Based on the supposed benefits of placenta consumption, looking more radiant and youthful definitely seems to go hand in hand with a few of them. Aside from potentially looking younger, I have to admit -- some of the benefits might be enough to convince you to move past the "ick" factor.

Provides an energy boost -- Apparently eating your placenta or taking it in capsules gives you some sort of postpartum jolt. And if you have more energy, you have more of a glow going on, and you tend to look younger with a glow, and so on and so forth.

Regulates hormones -- Your placenta is full of your hormones, and ingesting it helps put them back into your body and regulate them. It can help ward off postpartum depression and make you much happier while transitioning to life with a newborn.

Increased milk production -- Getting the juices flowing can be a little tough and stressful, but supposedly taking in your placenta can help. (Hey, it's worth a shot, right?)

Helps uterus return to a normal state -- Ingesting the placenta can help lessen bleeding after childbirth, and also helps the uterus get back to its size before pregnancy.

Have you considered eating your placenta or having it made into capsules? Do you think Kim should go for it?


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Hyman Hyman

My doula will be making capsules out of my placenta for me.

I had a really bad time with hormones etc after my first birth and now for my 2nd I'm excited to try something that may change that and really help me.

AaronandHolly Seibold

wouldn't the process to make it into capsules diminish the hormones and other beneficial things in it? If all you crazy ass people really think you will get benefits from eating it, you have to do it the way it is done in true nature... you eat it right after if comes out, blood, geew, tissue, the whole nine yards.

jessi217 jessi217

I encapsulated the placenta from my second birth and will do so with any subsequent births. It helped regulate my hormones and boosted my milk supply.

taira... tairakittie

I was actually just wondering, wouldn't dehydrating it take it a lot of the good stuff that you would get from injesting it? The best way to injest it is the same as with most food, raw. Doing anything to it diminishes the nutrients. I wonder if I could stomach cooking it like a raw steak and eating a nice, juicy placenta steak once a week, maybe freeze whatever I can't eat in one sitting... just a thought. O.o

nonmember avatar Doula Sherry

Clearly you haven't researched this fully AaronandHolly Seibold. That's the "crazy ass" make assumptions and put them out there as fact, insulting other women on a public forum.

nonmember avatar Noel

I don't have any children yet, but I definitely think taking your placenta in pill form sounds worth it. I've read a lot about the benefits and have read nothing about any negative effects whatsoever. If I've got everything to gain and nothing to lose... Sign me up!

Ali Damron

I encapsulated mine!

Kristina Mattson

Aaron and holly yep it's called a placenta smoothie

Marcella Brazelton

I ingested mine via capsules with my third pregnancy. It was so amazing that I became a certified encapsulation specialist.

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