Kate Winslet Is Expecting a Baby With Husband Ned Rocknroll

Kate Winslet has a new production underway! The Oscar winner and her husband of seven months, Ned Rocknroll, are expecting their first child together. "Kate and Ned are delighted" over the news, her rep told People.

Already mom to daughter Mia, 12, and son Joe, 9 (from a previous marriage), Kate is in for a big surprise with baby #3.

Sure, she knows how to change diapers, spot colic, and make sure to give him or her plenty of tummy time. But it can be tough going back to the start nine years later. For those of us moms who wait a long time in between pregnancies, we forget how tough the newborn stage really can be. Once our kids reach the big kid stage, we are getting more sleep and they are infinitely easier to handle. You can actually negotiate, bribe, or threaten them into good behavior.

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But I am sure Kate isn't too worried. In fact, she has been looking forward to expanding her family for a long time. “I’m hoping to have more kids,” she told InStyle in 2006. "I don’t know whether one or two. Oh, God, I would love to have more."

What an exciting turn of events for the star. A new love, a new baby on the way, and so much to look forward to. Congrats Kate!

Are you excited for Kate?


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jalaz77 jalaz77

She has it easy. Her kids are older and go to the fathers every once in awhile. Exciting for her either way.

nonmember avatar Blah

Three kids with three different men. Nice . . .

nonmember avatar eh

I'm happy for her, and to "blah" saying about it being with 3 different men, who gives a stuff? If she wants kids, and she provides a happy and stable home/life for them, let her have 10 kids with 10 different fathers!

nonmember avatar Ella Grim

it doesnt matter how many dads there aee as ling as kids are healthy happy and safe.....yes starting over can be hard but its like riding a bike u jus never forget and all babys are dif yes but shes not in the tabloids or news parading her kids around screaming for attention..shes low key carreere oriented and family driven....i hav 6 kids 2 dads and i love it both dads are involved and i get alot of one on one with each of my kids.....so i say congrats and i wish u an easy stressless active happy pregnancy birth n baby... jus think now the older ones can help and be more involved building a bond like no other in a family

Jill Boyland Paulus

I would have to agree with the three kids, three different fathers comments.  But, that's Hollyweird for ya.  Anything goes.  So much for morality anymore.

Sloane Michelle Sanders

Morality?  She has been/ is married to their fathers.  Jeez, you people complain when an unwed woman has a child out of wedlock, and now you're complaining because a woman who was married has three children by three different men?  You people are impossible to please.  I love Kate, and wish her nothing but the best.  Her last two husbands have been scum and have cheated on her, so she deserves happiness and love with this new man.  Her talent and beauty is more than some of you that are cutting her down will ever have, so just sit down.

Iris Shaimara Shepard

Correction to you ppl her 2 kids where from one marriage not 2 different men! Second it's her problem not yours!

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