Orgasmic Births Are Real Says Study That Makes Women Nervous

pregnantI'd heard rumors of women having orgasms during birth before, but never really believed it could be true. I mean, as beautiful as birth is, the last thing I could imagine thinking about during it is sexual pleasure. A new study, however, says that some women do in fact experience orgasms while giving birth.

The study, published in the journal Sexololgies, found that about 0.3 percent of women experience orgasm during birth. In the French study, with responses from 109 midwives who had assisted in a total of more than 200,000 births, they found 668 cases in which women "felt orgasmic sensations in birth", and 868 cases in which "mothers demonstrated signs of pleasure during birth". There were nine confirmations of full-on orgasms. Experts say this number may even be an underestimate.

Lucky ladies? I'm not so sure.


While I love the idea of birth being more pleasurable, I'm not so keen on it being that kind of pleasurable. I guess it depends on how uninhibited you are with your sexuality and, perhaps more importantly -- who's actually in the delivery room with you. If it's just your midwife or doctor along with your husband, that's one thing. But with more and more women inviting in their parents, in-laws, a birth photographer, children, and others, I'm thinking the big O could add a big old dose of awkwardness to the situation.

Besides that, what a way to up the pressure for women. Not only are you supposed to deliver your own baby with no pain medication and eat the placenta, now this is going to be the new birth bragging topic. Just what we need.

I'm sure there are those among you who think it's all natural and good and wouldn't have any qualms about it. Maybe I'm uptight, but personally, I'm glad I didn't know orgasmic births were a real thing when I was pregnant, or it would have just given me one more thing to worry about during the delivery.

Would you want to have an orgasmic birth? Have you had one?

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