Kim Kardashian Has a Good Excuse for Spending Tons of Money on Her Delivery Room

kim kardashian and kanye westAs if you thought they would go at it any other way, it's being reported that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are going balls to the wall when it comes to the delivery and hospital room. It's been previously reported that Kimye had plans to rent out an entire hospital floor when it was time for their little babe to make his or her way into this world, and while that specific rumor is yet to be proven true, there is pretty sound evidence that the couple plans on going big when it's go time.

And their reason why makes complete sense.


According to a source: "They’re just doing it for privacy and security. They don't want people trying to get all up in their space trying to look at the baby and everything. That's not going to happen. Kanye really wants this to be a special moment. He's about to have his first baby with Kim, and he wants to savor that moment and doesn’t want anything or anyone to mess it up!"

I mean, can you blame them? There's no moment on this earth more intimate than when you give birth. Having lookyloos trying to peek in and catch a glimpse would be awful and an added stress no one needs when they're having a baby. And also -- if you had the money, wouldn't you shell out the cash to make things as comfortable as possible? I sure as hell would.

Now, I'm not talking about screwing other new moms and dads out of a pleasant experience, Beyonce and Jay-Z-style, here. But I am saying: Spending money on a comfortable birthing experience is a good investment.

Overall, my hospital experience was all right. In one respect, it was a great because it was "baby friendly". But in other respects, it was kind of unpleasant. I.E., I could have done without the resident who came in to check me and said that she herself hadn't given birth, but she's heard it described as -- and I quote -- "pushing a watermelon on fire through your vagina. Only worse." And I also could have done without sharing a room with someone. That kind of sucked. Especially when my baby stopped crying and the other baby started.

So, yeah, if I had exorbitant amounts of money, I'd totally fork it over to make my experience as perfect and serene as possible. It's one of the most important moments of your life. And seriously, if Kim and Kanye feel comfortable dropping thousands of dollars on shopping trips to Paris, they should drop thousands of dollars on their baby's birth.

What do you think of this?


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