Mom Delivers Premature Baby in 1 Minute at Home: Keep It From Happening to You (VIDEO)

shannon edgecomb

A woman from Florida got the shock of her life yesterday went she unexpectedly went into labor at eight months pregnant -- and wound up giving birth in less than one minute.

Shannon Edgecomb started feeling contractions all of a sudden, and before she knew it, she was forced to get up out of her chair and literally catch her baby girl in one hand. Are you believing this? One minute she was just going about her day, and then about 60 seconds later, she had her daughter in her hands -- a child she didn't expect to see for another month or so.


Take a look at this video clip to hear Shannon describe her out-of-the-blue birth experience.


Wow. Giving birth in less than a minute probably sounds like a dream come true to most women, but considering Shannon was only eight months along, the process had to be a little scary for her.

Luckily, her baby girl is expected to be ok even though she's still in the intensive care unit.

But considering premature labor, which is labor that happens before the 37th week, occurs in 12 percent of pregnancies, Shannon's story does serve as a reminder of things women can do to prevent having it happen to them.

  1. Don't smoke -- This can be tough if you're a heavy smoker, but puffing away puts you at a higher risk for premature labor. Don't give it a second thought -- QUIT.
  2. Take your prenatal vitamins -- Believe it or not, they have been shown to prevent preterm births, along with the chance of your baby being on the smaller side. 
  3. Get progesterone treatment if you're at risk -- You are eligible for progesterone, a hormone that keeps your uterus from contracting, if you've been pregnant before and had a baby born preterm. 
  4. Take it easy -- Standing for long periods of time or doing heavy or repetitive work has been shown to increase the risk of preterm labor. (Don't feel guilty about putting your feet up!)
  5. Keep diet and weight gain in check -- Eating a healthy range of foods and gaining the recommended amount of weight, 25 to 35 pounds, can help promote a full-term pregnancy.
  6. Get proper prenatal care -- As soon as you get a positive result on a pregnancy test, call your doctor and schedule an appointment right away. Getting established with your OB-GYN is one of the best ways to ensure a healthy pregnancy from start to finish.

Have you been concerned about premature labor at all?


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