10 Lies Pregnant Women Tell

pregnantFor many women, pregnancy is a time for reflection on one's life, a time to reevaluate their priorities and goals, and a time ... to lie. It's true. Even the most honest among us start to fib, fudge, and stretch the truth when it comes to our blessed state.

Whether it's all the extra attention or pressure to be a picture-perfect mom from the get-go, it seems these little twists on the truth escape our pregnant lips before we know it. Here are 10 of the top lies pregnant women tell. Of course, not every woman lies about all of these things, but I think you'd be hard-pressed to find one who hasn't or won't lie about any of them.

  1. They're not pregnant.
    Celebrities are especially guilty, but plenty of pregnant women deny their status until they're ready to tell.
  2. They don't care if it's a boy or a girl.
    Yes, we all want a healthy baby first and foremost, but most of us really have our hearts set on one or the other.
  3. They haven't gained much weight.
    You really shouldn't ask, but if you do, it's pretty much fair for them to lie. No one wants someone telling them they haven't gained enough or have gained too much weight, so sometimes spouting off the recommend weight gain instead of the reality saves everyone anxiety.
  4. They LOOOOOVE being pregnant.
    Yes, sometimes it's great, but it's not all roses and sunshine either, no matter how perfect a pregnancy. Still, no one wants to be the big pregnant complainer, so saying it's all great becomes the mantra.
  5. They adore every baby gift they've been given.
    It's the thought that counts, absolutely, but there are some really awful baby outfits and gifts out there.
  6. They're SO excited.
    That's probably true sometimes, but other times they are likely terrified, tired, and have no idea how on earth they're going to take care of this child (especially for those who already have a child or two).
  7. They've quit smoking.
    Studies say up to one-fifth of women smoke while pregnant, so there are plenty of pregnant closet smokers out there.
  8. They don't have a name picked out quite yet.
    More often than not they just don't want to tell you.
  9. They can't wait to breastfeed their baby.
    Breast is best, but that doesn't mean it's not also frightening, foreign, and filled with challenges.
  10. They plan to go back to work once their maternity leave is up.
    Even if they're not planning to, most women say they are so they don't lose credibility and benefits at work before that point.

What lies do you/did you tell while pregnant?


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nonmember avatar damien

and of course..number one: its your baby i swear

mande... manderspanders

I haven't lied at all.

I'm 34 weeks and have gained 8lbs because I'm a large woman to begin with and am well within my recommended gain.

I'm excited and terrified to be a parent... I don't know what the hell I'm doing and haven't been afraid to admit it.

I really wanted a girl and wasn't afraid to make it know.  It's a boy, but I already love him.

We really do not have a name.  We can't agree and cannot decide.  We have a list that keeps changing. If we had a name, we would tell people... except my parents.

I do plan to go back to work because I am the main breadwinner in my household.  I don't really get a maternity leave anyway... whatever I can piece together because I'm not eligible for FMLA yet (been with this company less than a year).  Sure, I'd prefer if I could go back part time for awhile, but we can't take care of this baby if the bills don't get paid.

For as much as I'd agree that while lie to someone who asks a question that isn't any of their business isn't an issue, I just don't see why we need this assumption that pregnant women must lie about all these things and more.

linzemae linzemae

 i lied to people about being pregnant. i had complications and thought i would miscarry. 

i was convinced i was having a boy and told people i didnt want a girl. it was a girl. 

we kind of had a name picked out but i kept hearing other ones i loved and i was not ready to commit. she wasnt named until the day after she was born. our families thought we had one and just were non sharing. 

i had dreams all the time that i smoked while pregnant. im not even a smoker!

jalaz77 jalaz77

I actually said almost all of these and wasn't lying. Never smoked. I really enjoyed being pregnant, looved it actually. It's much easier being pregnant than raising the kids! This time I really didn't have a name picked out. I didn't gain much weight with my last 3 pregnancies HOWEVER I was overweight to begin with so I watched myself. Now working on my weight loss from baby #1. I always enjoyed BFing, I was and am excited to do it. Will go back to work and have always said I didn't care if it were a boy or a girl, I really didn't. If someone said you could pick the sex of your baby I would say no thanks, no way would I mess with the fastest sperm ; )

nonmember avatar Tonya

I'm 33 weeks, and starting to get really tired of people asking if we have a name picked out. We told people the sex already, so it's fun to keep some things, like the name a surprise. Plus when names are told, people like to give their opinion on the name, or say something like, "oh my cousin's son is named that." I don't want to hear that!

Jane So

I've had rough pregnancy (been sick throughout) and I can honestly say that I LOVE being pregnant. I love the way I look and the fact that there is another life forming inside me.
And we tell everyone that we are hoping for a boy.

LadyM... LadyMinni

I once lied and said I was pregnant so that a hotel would let me use their bathroom. I was really, really bloated. I have also used the "pregnant woman" parking when all of the handicapped parking was fully, so I suppose that's a lie too.

Having never been pregnant, I can't give any funny lies I've told about being pregnant.

BlueJane BlueJane

Every single one of these came out of my mouth. Except the smoking one - never started, no need to quit. I feel people don't need to know every detail so I'll give them the safe answer and be done with them.

AprilC35 AprilC35

i have NEVER lied. about any of my pregnancies....i DID LOOOOOOOOVE being pregnant...i did quit smoking....honestly because it made me ill...even having my husband walk in after hed been somking and try to kiss me would make me ill...None of these were true for me...Well, except the last one...I dont have to work....Im a stay at home mom and i wouldnt change it for the lfe of me.

nonmember avatar Emily

I lied about having contractions so my husband could get out of a ticket :-)

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