11 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Stretch Marks (PHOTOS)

stretchmarksAs if turning our bodies over to house a growing human for nine months isn't taxing enough on our figures, many of us fall victim to the unsightly phenomenon of stretch marks, which kill our hopes and dreams of ever wearing a two-piece bathing suit again.

Seriously, it's so unfair. Even if you work your butt off in the gym and lose every single last ounce of baby weight, you're still left with zebra stripes all up and down your belly -- putting the "mom" stamp on you for the rest of your life.

But there is some good news. While you may never get rid of your stretch marks completely, there are a few things you can try to at least reduce their appearance and make them less noticeable. And if you try some of these methods during your pregnancy as opposed to waiting until you deliver, you'll be one step ahead of the game.

stretchmark treatments

Check out the photos below to see 11 natural treatments for stretch marks that just might work.


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eupeptic eupeptic

According to a few spirits I communicate with (I asked them as spirits know more than people on Earth know about anything and everything), drinking milk and eating cheese and yogurt (ice cream also helps) should help prevent/reduce the occurrence of stretch marks. (Which makes sense as dairy is meant for a growing body [i.e., a baby], and during pregnancy a woman's belly grows considerably.)

k18 k18

BS. People go crazy with all kinds of tattoos to commemorate their kids, but insist on erasing a beautiful natural "tattoo" given to them by said children? Why? So beauty companies can profit from making us feel ashamed? Women should rock their stretch marks just as much as they would an awesome tattoo. It's a biological sign of how great you did! Bring on the two pieces ladies!

Angie... AngieHayes

Well.... I am pregnant with my third and I am pretty sure my stretch marks aren't going anywhere. I do rub shea butter on my tummy, it gets pretty itchy, and I also have an aloe plant, so I always use that too. But I got stretch marks... I don't feel like I can't wear a two piece though, have you SEEN some of the girls in two piecies, my stretch marks aren't that bad compared to those girls!

Amy Phoenix

I'm in agreement with those who feel we as mothers can wear our stretch marks with joy. It's the factions of the mind, our ideas about what is beautiful and what is not, that bring about a sense of shame in stretch marks.

As we choose to celebrate them maybe women won't feel the need to hide, reduce or fade them...

Sam Burk

For all you moms on your high horse saying we need to accept our stretch marks as a way to celebrate our children, just shut up. I love and celebrate my kids, but I like to feel sexy and I sure as heck like to have a good figure. Something I can feel comfy in. Wear yours with pride but don't expect everyone to want to do the same, and shame on you for making people feel bad for wanting their bodies to look their best! You have your kids as a constant reminder of what your amazing body did, you don't need scars!

Danielle Nichole Thornton

I wear my stretch marks with pride. My son made my lower belly (under belly button) look like I was part zebra. I have cherished them and never want to get rid of them because I had a high risk pregnancy and he was such a blessing! I tried to apply lotions and butters to prevent them.. Obviously didnt work.. I am now due any day (overdue lol) with my daughter.. and she has added to the collection, above my belly button.. some deeper than any with my son.. But I wear them with pride also even though we have had a completely healthy pregnancy. they are a constant reminder that I carried, nourished and held a miracle.. another life inside of me. It is so magical. No tattoo can ever take place of my stretch marks. They are natural and I earned every one of the scars for each kick, each breath they took inside of me. <3

and to Sam Burk, I am sorry you feel that way. I feel very sexy in my body with my stretch marks.  and sure you have a constant reminder of your kids now, while they are around.. wait ntil they move away, or decide they dont want anything to do with you.. or God forbid.. smething happen to them..  trust me you would be singing a different tune. sO before you are rude enough to tell us to shut up.. try being a little open minded and realize.. SOME ARE DISPOSITIONED to get Stretch Marks and NOTHING with prevent them.. and considering that they are scars from the deepest layer of skin riping.. you cannot make them go away.. just make them fade.  So while you run out to get a tattoo of your child's DOB with the foregin chemicals in the ink.. I will be just fine with my natural tattoos, given to me BY MY KIDS.

The only way to change societies judgemental view is for the masses to raise up and voice their difference.. that is what we are doing.. We are aiming for a less judgemental society where no woman is afraid to wear a 2 piece because of her stretch marks (I know im not) or afraid to breastfeed their baby in public in fear of being judged or harassed.

Rachel Gullion

It's the rubbing that does it more than what you use to rub it with. Rubbing stimulates blood flow which helps to heal damaged skin. Certain compounds may help speed it up a bit, but just rubbing them will do fine when you're low on cash.

nonmember avatar Nat

I have improved my stretchmarks using a derma roller, they are not gone completely but they have filled in (from below making them the same height as the rest of my skin), not thin and like a crater anymore and not ichy anymore (they are 14 year old). The skin is being repaired from below and it feels so much better. My stomach is not wrinkly anymore.

Kate Bluebird McHoney

I love natural remedies and I believe that shea butter, rosehip oil, tamanu oil, emu oil, Gotu kola and vitamin e oil are all very good for stretch marks.

I have also carried out extensive research on the different creams available for stretch marks and I came up with 4 that I believe to be the best... I would love for you to take a look at my website… http://www.beststretchmarkremovalcream.publicnichesite.com/

nonmember avatar Tyra

Topical stretch marks creams and lotions make alone little or no difference to stretch marks. If you ran your fingers through them, you will noticed the indentations (in some cases the stretch marks are raised instead indented). Stretch marks are the results of breaking down of the skin's connective tissues, and these breakages are down deep into the skin. Topical creams and lotions alone are simply not powerful enough to bridge these gaps.
In order to remove your stretch marks, you will need complete renewal and resurfacing of the skin, traditionally can only be achieved by laser surgery, which is not suitable for everyone and not affordable for most. Here I am sharing with you a secret, that you don't have to go through laser surgery to remove your stretch marks. All you need is put together a few simple things and apply a simple massage. Over all it costs very little money, but requires a little bit of time and effort on your part.
Here's the free ebook explaining natural stretch marks removal method!!

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