7 Things You Should Never Ask a Pregnant Woman to Do

pregnant womanThis morning, I came across a photo of Halle Berry with daughter Nahla in Disneyland. Cute, yes. But it is a seemingly unremarkable pic until you remember that the Oscar winner is well into her second pregnancy. Immediately it brought back memories of how I felt during that time. Honestly, the last thing I wanted to do during any trimester was battle crowds and walk for miles under the unrelenting heat of the sun -- which is essentially what you endure at all theme parks. And that isn't the only annoyance for moms-to-be. Check out the 7 things no pregnant woman wants to do.

  1. Visit zoos, street fairs, and amusement parks. As if the endless walking wasn't bad enough, those bathrooms and porta-potties give new meaning to the word "gross."
  2. Fry anything. In warm weather months, it's too hot. Plus, the bigger you get, the risk of belly burner burn is seriously high.
  3. Hit the beach. Well, the actual surf itself is okay. But the sand is the real killer. It’s hard enough getting it out of crevices when you can actually reach the crevices. Now imagine doing that with a huge belly to navigate around.
  4. Exercise with skinny people. Who needs that painful reminder of what your body used to be like.
  5. Take a bath in a standard tub. Unless you have one of those deep, sunken tubs, taking a soak totally sucks. The fact that the water barely comes above your thighs is just weirdly uncomfortable and cold.
  6. Go shoe shopping. Really, what’s the point. If your feet aren’t already painfully swollen, they will probably be a size bigger by the time the whole pregnancy is over.
  7. Watch someone eat something you can’t. If you’ve happened to develop gestational diabetes or high blood pressure during your pregnancy, a bunch of foods are now off-limits. In other words -- all the foods you would want to eat are a no-go. So sitting across from your husband while he noshes on a fat, juicy burger and salty fries is the equivalent of water-boarding to a potato-starved mom-to-be.

What are other things pregnant women hate doing?


Image via Benjamin Staudinger/Flickr

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