Kim Kardashian Finds Out Her Baby's Sex on TV: Watch & See! (VIDEO)

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kim kardashianIt's official! Nothing is sacred to the Karsdashians. They will put any and every single moment of their lives on camera. The latest? Kim Kardashian had the Keeping Up With the Kardashians crew along for the doctor's appointment when she found out her baby's gender. And they weren't the only ones crowding the hospital room.

Of course sisters Kourtney and Khloe were there and momager Kris Jenner. It was clearly a big family event. "Once I knew the sex is when I got so excited," offers Kourt. The anxious grandmother-to-be is so impatient to find out, she tries to rush the process. "Do you see a little pee-pee?" Kris interjects. I understand Kim wanting to have her support system there, especially if Kanye is away working, but why the cameras?

I don't know about you, but that was a really special moment for me. I am sure it is for almost all moms. Like many, I debated not finding out the gender until my delivery, but I just couldn't wait. I was entirely too excited to plan the nursery and pick the name. My husband was excited too. I can't imagine commercializing that rite of passage as a parent-to-be.

Watch as she learns her baby's gender:

Of course the clip ends before the big reveal, but there has already been much speculation as to what she is having. According to Us Weekly, IT'S A GIRL! So soon, the show will have another beautiful, raven-haired star to follow around. Just think, this child will have literally been on camera since her conception. She will likely grow up thinking that having a lens in your face every waking moment is just a normal way of life.

Do you think the Kardashians allow for the cameras to film too much of their lives?


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danit... danithegreat

Vegas odds say 50% chance girl.....wait.....

femal... femaleMIKE

reality tv is fake.  I am so sure that  this was not her first sex reveal.   This was a set up.  I don't get what the big secrecy is.

BeckyP. BeckyP.

Why do people bash the Kardashians for things like this? Its their choice. If they thought it was "too much" or it bothered them, they wouldn't do it. I don't get what the big deal it. Live your own life and do as you chose; don't crucify people for making a choice for their life. Its ridiculous and hypocritical.

nonmember avatar Rina

They are reality TV stars, they're supposed to document their lives. Kourtney had televised her pregnancy and birth on their show twice already.

nonmember avatar Sre

She just never looks pregnant to me. It's weird how different everyone's body is.

Mlp137 Mlp137

They are not celebrators and its a shame how they suck people into their lives. At least she's not faking the pregnancy.

Anastasia Khramova

I think Kim is faking her pregnancy. Their all actors and are all very annoying. I read some where online that Kim is adopting a baby from Africa. I was like WHAT!?

Sloane Michelle Sanders

Eh, the Kardashians film everything in their lives, so why should this be any different? I'm really starting to get tired of these people...

Anny Lin

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