Kim Kardashian’s Motherly Move Means She’s Finally Ready for Baby

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kim kardashianSince Kim Kardashian announced her pregnancy several months ago, it's been impossible not to keep up with this particular Kardashian. Every step she takes, every outfit she slips on, every meal she eats is chronicled by a rabid, insatiable group of paparazzi both in Europe and the U.S. She and her family have long been criticized for the seemingly well choreographed and well publicized public appearances. After all, she is the woman who made Kris Humphries do over his wedding proposal because her face didn't look cute enough for the cameras. But there are certain things that even Kim can't fake.

You can't stage sincere maternal instinct and it looks like it's finally kicking in for Kim. While shopping in Paris, she sweetly caressed her ample baby bump, which really made me take notice. For some moms, that protective vibe begins at conception, but for others, it really takes hold the closer we get to our due date. It's as though the whole idea of taking care of a little, helpless being becomes all the more real during the third trimester. You start to realize that any day now, this baby could come and he will need you more than anyone else.

According to sources, she had her hand on her tummy most of the time during her shopping trip. Perhaps the baby was even kicking, a further reminder of what's to come. As hard as those last few months can be, there is nothing else like it. It's a really amazing, special, and yes, scary time. But still a fashionable one for Kim, of course.

In the midst of what is probably her last European getaway before she is too pregnant to fly, she was sporting comfy black leggings, a black top, a bright red bag, and what is probably the chicest black cape ever sewn. I should add that she was still sporting heels -- something most pregnant women won't even consider in the eighth month -- but you know Kim and her refusal to give up those stilettos. Some things will never change.

Do you think Kim is nervous about being a first-time mom? Were you?


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Christy Lam

She's stuffed her swollen feet into high heels again.

mleil... mleilanim

I noticed that 1st too (@above) LOL I feel like this is the longest pregnancy in history! Haha When is it over!?!

Golde... GoldenEagle183

Kim is only concerned about her and her body. The nannies will do all of the work and she will hold the

baby for photo ops and sell pictures to the highest bidder. Her and her mom have already started the

wheels on that.  Everything with her is me me me. 



danit... danithegreat

I did really just waste my time reading about a hand on a baby bump? *face palm* 

Joanne Whitelaw Eberly

Loving your child is not like loving your shoes.  Yeah, how did the cathing work out for her.  I have $10 that says either a sister or a nanny raises this kid 

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