Kim Kardashian's Baby Shower Invitations TOTALLY Reveal the Sex!

Pregnant Kim KArdashianIt's easy to hate people when they send you over-the-top invitations for things like weddings, baby showers, bridal showers, and the like. Instead of thinking, Oh this is beautiful! my gut reaction is generally, OK, this is over-the-top and probably costs more money than my monthly rent for the lot of 'em. Which is why my gut reaction is to hate Kim Kardashian AND Kim Kardashian's baby shower invitations. OK, so maybe Kris Jenner is more to blame, because she's hosting the whole shebang along with sisters Kourtney, Khloe, and manager Shelli Azoff.

Kim's baby shower invitation is a legitimate music box that features a spinning ballerina dancing to a lullaby version of baby-daddy Kanye West's hit song "Hey Mama." For the record, the lullaby is totally adorbs.

Um, hello -- a music box? A ballerina? I know we have no 100 percent confirmed gender on this Kimye spawn but HELLO -- this shower pretty much screams that it's TOTALLY a girl!


OK, so back in February, we heard a whole slew of rumors that Kim and Kanye are having a baby girl, but the couple has never 100 percent confirmed the sex. This invite, though, with its girly nature and dancing ballerina, is SUCH a giveaway! I mean, why would you get a ballerina invite if you're having a baby boy?

I will say this though: I wouldn't put it past Kim to want something this cutesy solely for herself. Her mentality being something like, hello, I am the one having the baby and I want to feel like a princess! Maybe she just liked the idea of sending out music boxes. Maybe Kris Jenner wished this was the kind of thing she sent out instead of some disastrous piece of card stock years and years ago. Of course I don't REALLY know what she sent out, but hey, it's a legit guess.

One thing is definite: I still kind of hate them all for the elaborateness of this. Can you imagine how much it costs just to send one of these things? I know mine hasn't arrived yet in the mail, Kim. But listen -- I'm OK with you saving the postage and shooting me an eCard instead.

 Do you think Kim and Kanye are having a girl? What do you think of the invite?


Image via Splash News

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