Mom Delivers Triplets After 3 Tragic Pregnancy Losses & Offers Hope to Women Struggling to Conceive


newborn feetThere is no pain greater than the devastation of losing a child, which is something one mom from the U.K. knows all too well. Gemma Schollick, a mother of three, was beyond heartbroken in 2010 when her baby girl, who she had carried full-term, died in utero and was stillborn.

Gemma and the baby's father had planned on calling her Amelia, and you can only imagine their horror upon finding out she did not have a heartbeat and had lost her life in the womb.

And even though the loss of the baby was almost too much to bear, Gemma and her (now) husband decided to start trying for another child as soon as possible.

She did wind up becoming pregnant -- twice. But sadly, both times Gemma suffered miscarriages, leaving her with three babies she would never be blessed with.

And then something truly amazing happened. Gemma conceived again -- and was shocked and also scared to death to learn she was expecting twins during an ultrasound. And then she had another scan sometime after that and got yet another surprise. She wasn't pregnant with twins -- she was carrying triplets.

Are you believing this? Over the course of just two years, this woman went from losing three babies to getting pregnant with triplets, who were thankfully born healthy even though they arrived nine weeks early and got off to a bit of a rough start.

Brothers Andrew, Alfie, and Aidan just celebrated their first birthday, and mom Gemma admits that the Schollick family is finally complete.

OMG. I know they say, "when it rains, it pours," but do you even believe how much heartache this poor family had to go through before getting their happy ending? I'm sure there were so many times they gave up hope altogether and didn't even want to think about trying to conceive again out of fear that they'd suffer yet another gut-wrenching loss.

And I'm sure those are the exact emotions any parents who are trying to come to terms with losing a pregnancy experience, which is why this family's story should serve as a huge source of hope to others who are going through the same ordeal. Their journey to being the parents of three beautiful babies definitely wasn't an easy one, but in the end, the Schollicks did receive their little miracles. They should inspire other moms and dads to never give up and always have faith when it comes to starting and growing their family.

Was there ever a time you thought you'd never achieve your dream of becoming a mom?


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Nurse... Nursekelly1980

Beautiful :) I firmly believe that babies that aren't able to be born keep trying until they get a chance. This story is wonderful :)

lindy... lindylouwho

We tried for seven years and I suffered two miscarriages before we conceived our little miracle baby, who will be one next month.  If this pregnancy ended in miscarriage like the others, I probably would've given up my dreams of ever becoming a mother.  I feel totally and completely blessed.  And while I know I had to go through a lot to become a mother, stories like this make me feel even more lucky.  I don't know what I would've done if I'd heard his heartbeat, picked out a name and then lost him.  I can't imagine the devastation.

nonmember avatar me

I was about 38 weeks pregnant .everything was ready to welcome my baby but finally the doctor told me that my baby is dead inside my womb. I didn't say a word even i don't know what to heart is broken i can't stop thiking about my baby .am crying day and night .it was my first pregnancy .today is my 3rd week after i loss my baby .and i got sick blood clotting am scared to be pregnant again.

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