Woman Pregnant for 7th Time Never Saw That Baby Coming

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Woman with babyWhen a woman delivers her first child somewhere unexpected, we get how that could happen. When it happens with a second child we wonder why she didn't realize the symptoms of labor sooner. But when it's someone's seventh child, we assume that she's been there and done that so many times that she could probably predict her delivery time to the nearest minute.

Not so in the case of mom Teresa Moyer, whose baby girl just couldn't wait to come out. According to Fox 59, Moyer -- who already had six children at home -- was on her way to the hospital in Indiana, and thought she had plenty of time. The baby girl had ideas of her own, however, and gave her parents and an unlikely member of the hospital's staff quite a surprise.

Venissa Altman was working her shift as a parking valet at the hospital. When the Moyer's pulled up, she opened the passenger side door, like she would for any other car. But this wasn't just any car, because inside, Moyer was in full labor. When Altman opened the door up, she saw the baby was coming out! So she jumped in and helped deliver her. Altman told the station:

Baby's shoulders, head, it is all coming out and I am kind of catching it like a football. I think this memory will last a lifetime, so it does not have to happen (again) anytime soon.

So close, and yet so far from the comfort of a hospital bed. Fortunately, all is fine, and Mom and baby Hannah are doing well. Altman seems honored but still in shock that her daily duties were so drastically different that day. I hope they gave her a good tip.

More shocking than anything, however, is the fact that this happened to a mom who'd already given birth six times. So why didn't she know? Teresa says that none of her other children came early at all. The only one who wasn't induced came only after 12 hours of labor, so she figured she had plenty of time once she felt a few contractions. Obviously she was wrong, but at least everything turned out alright. And it just may be an early sign that little Hannah is going to be a handful.

Can you imagine delivering your baby in the hospital parking lot?


Image via Fox 59

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grayc... graycalico

Every delivery is different, no matter how many you've had before, so why would know? And it's not like hospital beds are comfortable.

tuffy... tuffymama

There is no way to know how quickly a baby will come because there are too many variables. Those people have cute kids! I think that valet is probably a fun person, and I guess you'd have to be to do her job lol.

Meesh... Meesh5418

There's a condition called precipitous labor, which is a medical term for labor that lasts less than 3 hours. It's painful - like constant contractions with no break. My aunt had precipitous labor with both of her children, one 1.5 hours and the other less than 1 hour.

jalaz77 jalaz77

Yup, precipitous labor for sure. My last baby was little less than 2hrs! I couldn't believe it. All 4 kids were way different, none were super long labors but I consider labor to be active, real work, ya know? Showed up at the hospital complete, which was awesome, no poking or prodding but VERY intense. It was great but it was too fast. So I can see how this happened. Now that I have been through it myself.

Vicki Friedman

She has great looking children and I'm sure little Hannah will be just as lovely as the other children. I hope this will be the last child for this family. They have enough children to feed and care for.

Simpl... SimplyEnchanted

Oh dear Lord, Vickie. Im sure she is on welfare just because she has 7 kids...that must be the case. As long as you aren't the one feeding her kids who are you to say she has enough to feed?

Kelly Marie Attal

my labor was three hours and i didnt think i was going to make it to the hospital. it was very painful too. the strongest contractions i think i have ever felt. but seroulsy. my frist contraction hit and then next thing i knew they were like three min apart! that fast. so i understand how this can happen


Kelly Marie Attal

wow really simplyenachated! wow. my husabdns mother has ten children and they dont have welfair in there countrys. and they were all well fed and clothed and shelterd. so i think you need to shut your mouth not everyone lives off from welfare and people can support large familes. they dont buy the fancy cars and houses. they only get what they need and they can afford it just fine!!!!!!!!!!!!! so educate yourself a bit before blabbing that mouth

momma... mommabearof003

Love the babies name Hannah Elizabeth. My Daughter is Elizabeth Hannah.

Amanda Eidem

How fun for the valet! And Vickie.......7 kids is nothing. Some people. It is all in Gods hands and if He wants her to have more she will.

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