Jennifer Aniston's Baby Dreams Could Be Ruining Her Wedding Date

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jennifer aniston, justin therouxContrary to the hot gossip, Jen Aniston's wedding delay may have nothing to do with the fact her ex was planning to get hitched around the same time. According to Perez Hilton, she is putting motherhood over marriage. If the gossip blog is to be believed, Jen is in a serious rush to be a mommy and is going to great lengths to ensure that it happens ASAP! 

That's right! Jen is reportedly focusing all her attention on getting pregnant. Originally, the plan was for her to wed fiance Justin Theroux after she finished filming a movie in March. The reason there is still no ring on her finger is because she has been "actively, feverishly trying to get pregnant." Perez also reports that she is undergoing fertility treatments and has been warned that added stress (i.e., planning a big, splashy, A-list wedding) could harm her chances of getting knocked up.

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I for one hope this is true. The world likes to paint her as the pathetic, lovesick victim of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's once-torrid affair. I bet that is the furthest thing from the truth. Clearly she was hurt by their romance -- who wouldn't be. But she is much stronger and resilient than the press gives her credit for.

I would hope that she wouldn't let Brangelina's plans -- whatever they may be -- delay her happiness. And she does, in fact, appear happier than she's ever been. Justin seems good for her and a baby would surely send her over the moon. Fame and fortune are one thing, but they certainly don't sustain you emotionally. She has found a great man and now she wants to expand her family. How wonderful is that?

Watch Perez's report:

Do you think Jen delayed her wedding to focus on getting pregnant?


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nonmember avatar Nanci

Sorry, but this is just a ridiculous excuse as we can't get married because the guy I was married to over 10 years ago is supposed to get married sometime in 2012, or 2014 , or 2013 . That was stupid and untrue, and this excuse still shoes jen doesn't have her priorities right. She doesn't need a big splashy A list wedding. She should be married to the father of her child before she conceives said child. This is all just another excuse and I predict that he will never marry her.

lovem... lovemy2sons25

You don't have to or need to be married to have a baby with somebody. And I doubt shes putting off her wedding because of her ex...

winte... winterglow

She's 44 ... She's right to be in a hurry

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

When are we going to stop this nonsense? If she wanted a baby she would have had one by now. Now she is old (as far as fertility is concerned) and quite skinny which will both go against her if she did try. 

jessi... jessicasmom1

she better hurry she is up in age

Meg Moore

i really hope when she gets menopausal she announces it...that way all this hullabaloo can stop.

Cel7777 Cel7777

It is possible that a perfectly healthy, successful, secure woman simply might not (gasp) want kids. I know it's hard to fathom such insanity.

zandh... zandhmom2

It's so old hearing about poor Jenn and having babies...I bet she doesn't even want them! I also can't wait until she is out of motherhood age range so people will shut up about it, yet I have a strange feeling people will still be saying she's pregnant when she's in her 60's!!!

Julie Christensen Fitzgerald

This article is not based on facts. It is is merely fabricating and guestimating. No one truly knows the heart of Jennifer Aniston. None of us have walked in her shoes therefore we are passing judgement on something we know little about.

nonmember avatar TheBride

Yes, I believe all the "covering up" of her tummy is that she's bloated from fertility, not that she's now pregnant. It's apparent. But somehow I don't have the sense that this couple is right. Hope I am wrong.

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