New Simple Test Lets Women Figure Out Their Chances of Having a Baby

pregnant ivfMaking a baby isn't always easy. For some couples, they have sex and it just happens. For others, it takes time and even medical help. One of my friends has three beautiful kids that she was able to have through in vitro fertilization. The triplets are 6 years old now and fantastic little beings none of us can imagine our lives without. I remember the stress and pain she experienced when going through the process. But it was worth every second. Any couple who wants to have a baby and are having a hard time getting pregnant can attest to the pain and stress -- more than seven million people face some form of infertility, so that's a lot of people potentially considering IVF.

What if a new test can take some of that stress away? A personalized test to give you your chances of success with IVF has been invented.


I know what you're thinking -- another test?! Doctors can drive us crazy with all the tests. But this test is personalized and allows you to see your chances of having success with IVF. Plus, you can take the test online! No needles. No blood drawn. Just some questions and a profile is created. Sure, it makes it a numbers game, but if it helps some couples, then it makes it all totally worth it. Isn't everything sort of a numbers game? The test is by Univfy and will help you determine your success rate with IVF allowing you to know what you are getting into before you begin the process. IVF can cost tens of thousands of dollars, too. So it may help you consider other options if your chances are very low. Or learn what changes they could make to their lifestyle to increase chances of conception.

Mylene Yao, M.D., the co-founder and CEO of Univfy, says: 

It compares it against data from tens of thousands of IVF cycles that have already been performed with known outcomes, and it gives a very accurate read on what are the chances of success for this patient. We've always known there are more factors than age that impact a patient's chance of success.

The online pre-IVF test has women enter age, height, weight, and other details pertaining to lifestyle and fertility matters, including those of her partner. Based on that info, a percentage is given of probability of live birth allowing people to have another factor to consider when making the decision to do IVF or not. This pre-IVF test is $50 to $100.

There is also the Predict IVF test (up to $175), which gives women some probabilities when considering another cycle of IVF after already trying one. Univfy donates 5 percent of all test purchases to Resolve, the National Infertility Association. Fantastic!

This is such a great thing for couples considering IVF. 

What do you think of this new easy test? Would you consider it?

Image via Nina Matthews/Flickr

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