6 Ways to Make Sure Your Baby Is the Gender You Want (PHOTOS)

choosing baby genderAdmitting that you have a gender preference when you are going for a baby is one of those crazy taboos that few people are willing to cop to. After all, some people say you ought to be grateful just to have ANY healthy baby. Of course we will, but some of us can't help but have SOME preference. Perhaps we already have two of one and are going for the third to get that other sex. Or maybe we want our kid to have a same (or opposite) sex sibling.

Whatever the reason, we have every right to wish and hope, and there is science that backs up the idea that we can actually have our way. Here are 6 different methods of choosing which sex you get during conception. Let us know if they work for you! See below:

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insei... inseineangel

Science? I would like to see the documentation from these studies. I call bullshit on at least 90% of this. For centuries... nix that... thousands of years, there have been tales of doing this and that to get the wanted sex, and none of it has been concretely proven. 

Jasmine Swenk

Yeah I can say for pretty much a fact that 4-5 of these were done when my baby was concieved that should produce a boy.....my baby is due July 30th.  Her name will be Gwenevere.....

lovem... lovemy2sons25

I'm gonna buy a book(don't remember what its called at the moment) that supposedly has like a 94 percent rate that people who tried these methods in the book got the gender they were trying for. I have 2 boys and I desperately want a girl... lol

Karianne Electra Smith

We've tried everything you could possibly try. We are about to have Boy #5. Since we only want 6 children, we are going to use science to ensure that we get a girl next time.

PinkB... PinkButterfly66

I had sex right before ovulation AND I drank coffee AND I HAD orgasms.  I had a girl.  So 3 out of your 7 methods failed.  I wanted a girl any way, so I was happy.

Iris Shaimara Shepard

This is so stupid lmao! Ill have what ever I get who cares

ashle... ashleysmommy123

I have actually used the calendar method and both times had girls, which is what I wanted.  As for whether or not it worked or just coincidence, no idea. 

nonmember avatar Carol

None of this is true. Only God can decide what gender child we will get. Humans need to stop trying to do God's job, this is absurd! Any child born to you is a present from him so don't pick just be grateful!

SandM... SandMsMama

I'm LOL'ing really hard at the mom says "we are going to use science to ensure that we get a girl next time." Good luck on that one! you get what God decides. End of story.

Kendra Burt

I am having a boy...but if this is true, I should be having a girl. I call total BS on all of this!

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