6 Ways to Make Sure Your Baby Is the Gender You Want (PHOTOS)

choosing baby genderAdmitting that you have a gender preference when you are going for a baby is one of those crazy taboos that few people are willing to cop to. After all, some people say you ought to be grateful just to have ANY healthy baby. Of course we will, but some of us can't help but have SOME preference. Perhaps we already have two of one and are going for the third to get that other sex. Or maybe we want our kid to have a same (or opposite) sex sibling.

Whatever the reason, we have every right to wish and hope, and there is science that backs up the idea that we can actually have our way. Here are 6 different methods of choosing which sex you get during conception. Let us know if they work for you! See below:

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  • Calendar Method


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    The calendar can be used to help conceive both a boy and a girl. For a girl: Have sex way before ovulation and then long after. For a boy: Have sex right before ovulation or immediately after. The theory here is that girl sperm swims slower than boys so they can out-swim the boys if you want a girl. Meanwhile, if you want a boy, they will win the race closest to ovulation.

  • Caffeine


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    Don't drink coffee if you want a girl and do if you want a boy. Apparently, the caffeine is detrimental to female sperm.

  • Sexual Position


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    They say that for a girl, you ought to use shallow penetration positions (like missionary) with the man on top. This way, the sperm comes out farther from the cervix and the stronger swimmers with more longevity will have a better shot. For a boy: Stand up. The slower swimmers will be pulled down and the faster boys will have a better shot.

  • Female Orgasm


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    For a boy, a woman should have an orgasm. If she wants a girl, she ought to avoid it. This is largely because the lack of orgasm makes for an acidic environment for the sperm, which kills Y chromosomes. Meanwhile, the alkaline environment caused by one is much friendlier to them.

  • Milk Products


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    For a girl, eat milk products, drink milk, eat yogurt and cheese. For a boy, avoid these products. Why? Because the theory is that a diet low in sodium and potassium and high in calcium and magnesium helps produce a girl, so the opposite is also true.

  • Acidic Down There


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    An acidic vaginal environment is more conducive to a girl. Basically, an acidic pH (like one might get from a douche) negatively affects the Y or boy sperm, which is weaker and less resilient than the girl or X sperm.

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