Beyonce Denies Pregnancy Rumors in Snarky Instagram Post (Must Be the Hormones)

Beyonce There were lots of little clues that led to yesterday's "pretty much" confirmed news that Beyonce is pregnant with her second child. One -- that high waisted, shape-camouflaging gown she wore to the Met Ball a month ago (right). Two -- the cancellation of one of her Mrs. Carter venues for "exhaustion and dehydration." Three -- her noticeably -- and quite uncharacteristic for her -- rounder belly lately. That thing was a board at the Super Bowl, so something was definitely up there!

As if all of the above isn't enough for "official confirmation" in Celebrity Pregnancy Land, here's a fourth nugget to convince you -- the super snarky message Bey posted on her Instragram account that has since been removed. Seems Beyonce was pretty pissed at all of us for talking 'bout her womb behind her back like that. She wanted to make her feelings known, and whoa, there was no reading between the lines with what she said.

She posted a note in white letters on a stern black background on Instagram:

"I can't stop the rumors from starting, and I can't really change peoples minds who believe them, all I can do is sit back and laugh at these low life people who have nothing better to do than talk about me."

I can't imagine she'd write something like that if she WASN'T actually pregnant this time, because it's not like this is a new rumor. She's always said she wanted more kids.

And what about that part about the low-life people! Ouch. I hope she's not talking about you and me! I get that Beyonce wants her privacy and all, but she also has to get that that's just not possible, being the mega-superstars she and her husband are. And it's not like everyone's making this out to be a bad thing -- the world is excited for her and for Blue Ivy getting to be a big sister! It's all good stuff, Bey!
Of course, we all remember how dramatic Beyonce and Jay-Z were about announcing their first pregnancy at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2011. So maybe she's more aggravated with the fact that they couldn't break the news their way. I'm sure they'll get over it.
At any rate, we're going to chalk this little outburst up to pregnancy hormones an leave it at that.
Now, on to the baby names ...
Do you think Beyonce's message was a little crass?

Image via Jaimie McCarthy/Getty

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TMK919 TMK919

Once the "low life people" who talk about her stop doing it, she will be begging them to "say my name" don't bite the hand that feeds you Bey. Once they stop talking, they may never stop.

TMK919 TMK919

*start... Wow AC!

jalaz77 jalaz77

I am guessing its the people who said she was never pregnant the first time round. I watched her little show on HBO-nothing wise to do that day-she was pretty upset people actually thought age was faking her pregnancy while someone else carried the baby for her. She just doesn't show herself like most celebrities. She seems private compared to if I know her so well, haha!! The people that said she faked her pregnancy ARE low lives.

kissa... kissandtell

She's had a miscarriage before. Maybe it was too soon to tell the world she's pregnant again.

Jay Souza

My thoughts exactly, kissandtell. She probably just wants to wait until she's sure everything will be fine before breaking the news.

nonmember avatar stef

Wow! Obviously shes got a self esteeme issue as she doesn't think shes worthy of anyone's time! Hopefully she names the baby a normal name! this being said, do feel for her loosing a baby, I have misscarried too, it is heart wrenching.

Ginger Sadler

no not really crass lol I wouldn't want people talking about me non stop 24/7 either


sand008 sand008

Who cares, women have babies all the time.

nonmember avatar prettygood

wow why is she lashing out on her STANS so called FANS… even if she was pregnant… a comment like this is unacceptable… if ppl are saying good things.. or IF she’s lashing about the MEDIA that’s one thing… but it was only a matter of time…the REAL EGO OF BEYONCE WOULD COME OUT.. AND THERE YOU HAVE IT and what's funny the public saw the belly fold... and she's lashing back to defend herself... but someone said she's all over the place.. so of course ppl will talk about her ... that's what they do. but as i said it's not SASHA.. it's really beyonce whose out the nest... but on wendy show wendy stated bey posted and took it off immediately.. but the media and network got it before she place it down.. she may or may not regret what she did. But in the end it's all gonna backfire.. after all YOU all made her who she is today and she thinks she owe ya'll nothing SHE REALLY DOES. don't be fooled. remember destiny's child... that is all.

Simpl... SimplyEnchanted

It doesn't matter if people are excited. If you're that danged excited then go have a baby of your own!  She's previously had a miscarriage. What if she had another or what if she's having trouble conceiving? Speculations and people prying into a private matter can be devastating to a mother having to deal with the scrutiny. No I don't think her message is crass. She deserves her privacy and the supposed belly bump? Omg people...grow up. Maybe she was bloated?!

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