It's Official: Beyonce Is Pregnant With Baby #2

Beyonce pregnant with baby no. 2Everyone get your dancing shoes on -- sources are confirming to E! Online that, yes, Beyonce is pregnant with baby No. 2 with husband Jay-Z! This news comes shortly after the "Countdown" singer told Good Morning America that she "definitely want[ed] more children" and her "daughter needs some company." Well, Blue Ivy, you're gonna get a sibling! Mazel tov!

Rumors about Beyonce's second pregnancy were fueled Wednesday when the singer cancelled a stop on her Mrs. Carter world tour in Belgium citing "dehydration and exhaustion." Personally, since Bey and I are clearly besties, I couldn't be more pumped. I mean, come ON, now that Kim Kardashian and Kate Middleton are about to pop -- we all need another great celeb baby bump to watch, right?

Plus, it's clear that Beyonce and Jay-Z have this parenting thing down pat.

Let's just pause for a moment and admire the great parents that Jay-Z and Beyonce have turned out to be for Blue Ivy (that we know about), despite their crazy celebrity status. Before the baby was even born, her proud parents built her a $1 million nursery suite. Then, they tried to give their daughter the royal treatment and trademark the name Blue Ivy. Not to mention, Bey calls Blue Ivy her best friend, and heck -- the couple spent upward of $200,000 on Blue's first birthday party. Yeah yeah, money doesn't make a great parent, but holy WHOA, I see a whole lot of lovin' goin' on here.

So a huge soulful CONGRATS to Beyonce and Jay-Z on baby No. 2! I can hardly wait to see what kind of name you two crazy kids will come up with for this one.

Are you excited about Beyonce's big baby news?


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nonmember avatar Tia

She never was preg with her first so who she got to have her 2nd

sweet... sweeteysmc

this site is really loosing sight of what parenting is about. The last few articles have critisized real parents for doing whats necessary for there kids, yet praising people who have nanny's raise there kids and spend $1 million dollars on a nursery. 

nonmember avatar Robyn

Really? I don't think dropping that kind if money on a bday party for a 1 year old makes a good parent....sounds ridiculous? She won't even remember the darn thing! And copy righting her name...who the hell do celebrities think they are!? I'm do sick of hear about how this celebrity did this because of all the money they have- who cares!

I'm a good mother and I didn't build my child a ridiculously huge/ expensive nursery or a ridiculously expensive bday party!

casti... castinghub

Congratulations to Beyonce and Jay Z! This is great news!

Roni Clark

 People have babies everyday, she's not doing anything new!! (Well, maybe new to her if she's actually pregnant this time! Big liar!) I guess when the only people that fell for the pregnancy ruse the first time were her delusional fans, she decided to really do it this time. Too bad, now we'll be bombarded with pics of her stomach, everyday, to prove that she's not lying again.

hello... hellokd87

What's with all the bitterness?? Congrats to Bey & Jay!!

EmmaF... EmmaFromEire

I see the nutter brigade is out in full force tonight....

Kaylen Diane Pickering

You people yelling about how she did this or that you can't tell me that if you had the money you wouldn't spend $1,000 or more on your kids room or spend that much on a party for your one year old stop hating on her and others like her simply because you don' have the money to treat your child like the little king or queen they are. Can't you people simply be happy for her?!? Beyonce I may not listen to your music (you are a singer right?) but as one mother to another I am happy that you and your husband will be bringing a new addition to your family into this world, children are a gift and don't listen to the haters like any good mother you spend as much money on your little angels as you see fit, congrats to you and yours.

Tarot Tarot

I'm too busy with my own pregnancy to be excited over hers. 

Tarot Tarot

Actually, Kaylen, I can say that. I'm a minimalist. I only buy what I absolutely need, anything else is a treat neither of my kids get very often. 

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