Woman Gives Birth in Parking Lot After Hospital 'Experts' Turn Her Away ... Twice!

pregnantThis is the kind of story that makes my blood boil. A woman in England gave birth in the PARKING LOT of a hospital after being turned away TWICE by the "medical professionals" in that very hospital. Are you kidding me?

The woman, 29-year-old Rabia Rizwan, had already given birth to two daughters, so you'd think the hospital staff might give her some credit when she told them she was in serious pain and was about to give birth. You'd think that, right? Well.

Wrong! And to be perfectly honest, I'm not at all surprised. In my limited experience of giving birth exactly once, I learned that what I felt was happening in my own body rated a far second to what the doctors and their monitors thought was happening to my body. The vast majority of the time any hospital staff member -- from the nurses to the on-call OB/GYN to a man I THINK was overseeing all the births that night (but I was vague on this detail) -- spent in the birthing room with me, they were staring at monitors and typing things on the computer. For reals. I don't know if it because I gave birth at big hospital in NYC that sees a lot of high-risk pregnancies, or if it was the fact that they thought I was nuts anyway for bypassing an epidural on purpose, but my doctors really seemed to have little respect for how I felt, and way more interest in whatever the heck was on that computer screen.

I can very vividly remember, after about nine hours of labor, KNOWING that it was time to push. I could just tell; the physical sensation was impossible to ignore. I told the overseeing OB/GYN mystery man, and he just sort of smiled patronizingly and kept typing away at whatever the hell he was typing away. "NO I REALLY NEED TO PUSH," I said, or something to that effect. He disappeared, and the on-call OB/GYN eventually materialized to check things out. "I'm really ready!" I told her, and she too sort of patted me on the head and said she'd let me try.

I kid you not, one giant push and my baby was almost out. The doctor literally made me STOP so she and the nurses could scramble to put their gloves on! Can you imagine? I pushed a grand total of twice more; the whole thing took less than 10 minutes. I told you it was time, fuckers!

I know I'm not alone in this; my own mom gave birth to me right after her OB/GYN told her it would be "hours and hours"; a dear friend of mine KNEW she was having a miscarriage last year before anyone else believed her, and I've heard many similar tales from friends and mommy acquaintances. That poor woman in England ended up spending five days in the hospital thanks to an infection she and the baby picked up from GIVING BIRTH IN THE PARKING LOT. I really hope this serves as a wake-up call to birthing professionals everywhere. Pregnant women really do know what's going on inside our own bodies!

Did you feel like your birthing staff respected how you were feeling?

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Serab... Serabelle

This happened to my mom wiry me. They sent her home at 630am because she was only 3 cm with 5 min apart contractions. She left, then went baby at 930am, the nurse tried to make her leave but the midwife checked her... She was 10 cm and the only thing stopping me was that her water hadn't broken. After they broke her water I flew out. Was born at 942 am that day!

Meesh... Meesh5418

Something similar happened to my SIL. She went into labor at home and went to the hospital. After checking her cervix the on call OB told her to go home because she wasn't dilated enough. And home is 45 minutes away.  Keep in mind this was her second child, so she knew what labor felt like. She was in tears as she left the hospital and flaming mad at the staff for sending her home. So fast forward 1 hour from leaving the hospital and her water breaks in bed. So they have to drive BACK to the hospital, bypass all the other women that they saw in there before, and finally gets checked into delivery.

She was able to get an epidural for relief. She wasn't there for long before she felt the need to push. They called for the OB and no one came. After 10 minutes of waiting she felt something between her legs and lifted up the blanket and saw her son crowning! Her husband ran out screaming and finally the OB came in saying "oh, you couldn't wait for me to get out the bathroom?!"

WORST experience I've ever heard! And I ended up with the same on call OB for my birth. He was a legitimate ass.

nonmember avatar April

With my daughter, everyone was wonderful. With my son, I had this woman who was the MOST patronizing person I've ever had to deal with. I was young, in my early twenties, but I already had one child, and she acted like I couldn't possibly know what was going on, what I was doing or what was happening. I told her three times he was coming and that I needed to push. She patted me on the leg (literally, patted me) and said, in the most condescending way possible "You go ahead and push if you feel you need to. It's too early anyway". One push and he was halfway out. Suddenly she needed me to stop pushing (too late, lady) while she scrambled to get ready. I could not STAND that lady

RoseP... RosePetalTears

with my youngest dd they kept trying to send me home....at 930p they told me that i wasn't having contractions bad enough to be in labor, and that i needed to go back in a few days.....i told them if i left i wasn't coming back till i delivered her myself.  She was born less then 2 hrs later at 11:22p.  

My kids are close together...when she was born i had 3 under 3 for 3 months. lol. I knew what i was feeling

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

I had a terrible nurse with my last labor. I was very much in transition when she told me I'd never make it without an epidural. I would have laughed at her ten minutes later when she got an earful from my midwife for not having the delivery stuff ready but I was sort of focused on the 10lb baby halfway down the birth canal. 

miche... micheledo

Again - a story from England.  Because of their health care system, they have a high number of moms turned away from the hospital.  I'm assuming/guessing they are pretty strict on what your body must be doing in order to get a limited room.

Not surprised to hear this is England.

nonmember avatar Tee

I just gave birth in march to my first and was close to delivering at home. Pains started on Sunday they were 7minutes apart so I went to L&D Monday morning, I was pretty much told I was exaggerating and that they were Braxton hicks, sent home and told to come back when they were 3 minutes aparts. All day Monday, all day Tuesday I labored at home. I was going to wait for my 41 week check up appointment at 5pm on Wednesday to beg the dr. to admit me. My husband finally convinced me to go to the hospital again at 11pm on Tuesday night, AGAIN I was told they were not close enough together and I'll most likely go home, THANKFULLY one nurse had the brains to do a physical exam, i was 5 cm. dilated with a bulging bag and my sons heartbeat was dropping with every contraction, got my water popped by my OB at 4am and met my son on Wednesday March 20th at 8am the day after his due date. Attending nurses said he was in the birth canal too long and i should have been kept on Monday and that if I would have waited for my appt. something could have happened to my son or I would have delivered at home. Moral of the story trust your body and demand treatment and care. My contractions NEVER got closer than 7 minutes apart until my doc popped my bag everyone is different .

Havoc68 Havoc68

With my first daughter, my water broke the morning I was scheduled to have an OB appointment. When I went to the appointment, my regular doc was at the hospital, so I had a stand in. She told me to go home and just wait, since I wasn't having any contractions. Within an hour, my normal OB/GYN called me, told me to get to the hospital and I had my daughter that afternoon. I'm thankful that he was a doctor that listened to his patients as well as his monitors in the hospital.  But with my second, the most amazing nurse was paying attention to me - thank goodness she was there, or my daughter might have ended up on the floor! Doc was out in the hall, chatting!

Jenandjoan Jonsson

Uh, no kids here, but what horrible stories!! Ladies, if your doc or hospital won't listen to you, FIND ANOTHER DOC OR HOSPITAL.  This is ridiculous; none of you should have to put up with this. I've had my share of doctors who just don't seem to listen.  My mother in law had the perfect strategy. When doc tried to write her a scrip for a medication she knew she reacted badly to, she took a pill bottle from next to her bed and threw it at him. When he turned to look at her, wide-eyed, she said, "And now that I have your attention, no.  I won't take whatever-it-was.  I prefer something-else."  "Uh, yes ma'am," said the doc, tearing up the first scrip and writing another one. She died in 2001 and I've missed her ever since.  A fine, tough old lady who probably got NO arguments when she brought her kids into the world. 

nonmember avatar Cheri

Was it really necessary to use the F word in your article? Way to keep it classy, ladies.

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