Dead Woman Comes Back to Life After Doctors Deliver Her Baby Via C-Section

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baby footIf you aren't the type of person who believes in miracles, you may just wind up changing your mind after hearing what I'm about to tell you. A woman was declared dead at a hospital in Kuwait after suffering cardiac arrest. Since she was nine months pregnant, doctors immediately performed a C-section to get her unborn baby out in time.

They successfully delivered a baby boy, who weighed in at 6.8 pounds. At that point, they decided to try and revive the mother one more time -- and that's when something amazing happened.

She came back to life after the birth.

She suddenly started breathing again, much to the astonishment of the medical team and her husband -- who just a few minutes earlier was trying to process the death of his wife and the birth of his son all in the same moment.

Can you even imagine losing your spouse, seeing your child enter the world, and then learning that a miracle has occurred and you have your wife back again? (Talk about a range of emotions.)

At this point, the 36-year-old mom, Zuraida, is in stable condition, but remains unconscious. Her husband, Verdadero, says, "When I visited her today, tears were rolling down her eyes. I felt she could hear me, she could feel my presence and was trying her best to communicate."

And if the miracle of Zuraida coming back to life isn't incredible enough, the circumstances that brought her to that hospital in Kuwait certainly ups the "wow" factor a bit.

You see, Verdadero is a truck driver, and he is often out of town -- but he luckily happened to be in Kuwait when his wife started having complications as a result of an acute blood pressure condition. Had he been on the road, there's a chance she never would've made it to the hospital, and he could've lost both her and his baby.

Oh come on, you don't think him being home is just a little too coincidental? And how about the doctors who decided to try one last time to bring Zuraida back to life? Think about it for a second. She had already been declared dead, so what made them choose to make one last attempt?

It certainly sounds like someone or something was watching over this couple and their baby that day. And it's obvious that they were both meant to survive their ordeal. With any luck, she'll recover soon and be back at home with her family where she belongs. And when she refers to her new baby as a tiny miracle, in this case, she'll literally be telling the truth.

Do you believe a miracle occurred here?


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Mary Johnson

Coincidence? I think not! There is a guardian angel working overtime with them! God bless the family.

nonmember avatar Jill

Not a miracle. Death is still being studied in academia and we are learning cardiac arrest isn't the end. People wake up hours after CA. Free your mind of religion and please think for yourself.

Natasha Nicole

Truly amazing This family is proof that God and Miracles happen every day

Crystal Rider

Glad the Dr's tried one more time! 

Maggie Howard

Yes a miracle has happened.

Brianne Babb

That's amazing, sscientifically, but not unheard of, certainly not a miracle or proff of god.

Tasha Boston

absolutely. miracles do happen

cassa... cassandraleigh9

Belief in god does not mean you are unable to think for yourselves. I've seen many miracles, having nothing to do with science, boggling the mind of doctors and scientists alike. Indeed I have millions of thoughts, ideas, and questions, and religion hasn't held me back from exploring any of these to the fullest. It's all in the way you choose to live. Might I suggest you take your own advice Jill and open your mind to possibilities beyond the confines of human comprehension of science and philosophy, and the supernatural. It sounds like a miracle. :]

nonmember avatar Jill

Really Cassandraleigh9? Would you care to share these "miracles?" Hundreds of years ago, folks died by the demon, now we know it was epilepsy. Please share YOUR knowledge........your supernatural knowledge at that.

Religious conservatives take all unexplained events as miracles. All I am saying is we, as humans, don't know much. So to chalk all unexplainables as "god-related" just makes humans look as primitive as cavemen.

Peace and evolution!

cassa... cassandraleigh9

And refusing to believe anything other than science and modern medicine makes you far more intelligent and open minded than me? Lets not even dip into the vast pool of mistakes, horrors and atrocities that have been committed in the name of science and medicine. Primitive? Hardly.

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