Kim Kardashian's Swollen Pregnancy Feet Are Tortured -- Again!

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Kim Kardashian's feet must be the most tortured appendages in the entire country. Maybe the world. Despite her pregnancy swelling her feet to what looks like quadruple their normal size, Kim just can't stop stuffing her swelled tootsies into tight, high-heeled, strangling shoes. It wasn't long ago that Kim posted a picture of her right foot looking like it had been given 40 lashes by some imperial dictator by the name of Givenchy. But then Kim took a break from the high-fashion shoes and was actually spied strolling around in flats. Doctor's orders. She supposedly said: "My doctor has told me to elevate my feet. Can you see how wide and swollen they are? I’ve just ordered a pair of pointy-toed flats."

But that was yesterday, folks. Kim is back to her feet flogging ways.

Kim recently stepped out in a pair of clear high-heeled sandals that were so tight around her swollen feet and ankles that they literally appeared to be cutting off the circulation. Her ankles were practically blue. I. Don't. Get. It.

Kim, you're seven months pregnant. No one would fault you for slapping on a pair of comfy peep-toed flats. Or even some beach flip-flops. Sure, there are people who will make fun of you no matter what you do, but what about your own comfort? Hell, forget the comfort. What about your own health?

Too tight shoes can cause everything from bunions to deformities in the feet that eventually require surgery. Swollen ankles can already be a sign that something is off in your system -- could be a symptom of high blood pressure or even a heart that's beginning to fail. I'm sure Kim is getting all of the tests in the world, but wasn't she already told to stop flying so much, to cut back on her schedule, and to wear flats? She's not doing any of that.

I think every woman has the right to decide what she should do for her health and comfort during her pregnancy -- but this is Kim Kardashian. She makes her living being famous and I make mine writing about the famous. So I get my two cents.

Kim, why??!!

Do you wear high-heeled shoes when pregnant? Did your feet swell a lot?


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momofcfk momofcfk

Just shows what a complete idiot she is!

Casey Dalbey

I don't get how she hasn't ate it yet. I have fallen mulitple times while pregnant wearing things like clogs. I will stick with my tennis shoes, flip flops, and other flats while pregnant for the sake of my feet and my back.


mothe... motherof2inFL

please kanye, get this woman some flats!!

ms_da... ms_danielle_j

what is up with this chick??? You can clearly see that her feet are screaming for help and someone still allows her to put these shoes in her wardrobe? She is a damn dingbat! I didnt wear heels during pregnancy...i discovered the cutesy ballet flats and often paired them with an umpire waisted dress and I was too cute! :)

nonmember avatar d1844

She's a idiot.What else did you expect from her?

Angela Haverstock

Why does the stir give her so much attention? Usually I just ignore stories about her, but I had to finally click on one just to say enough is enough! Ok, now I am going back to my Kardashian boycott.

hello... hellokd87

I refuse to wear flats now, and I think wearing tennis shoes unless you're exercising is downright tacky. The only flat shoes I have are sandals, and even at that I don't wear them as often as my heels. That having been said, I'm like Kim. Beauty is pain!! Besides, everyone makes it sound like she's visibly wincing & LOOKING uncomfortable. If she really didn't want to wear them... She wouldn't. She's a grown woman, she knows how to take care of herself.

jalaz77 jalaz77

Sorry but she looks disgusting! Her baby belly is the ONLY cute thing on her. Her sense of style has been crap for years. She leaves nothing to the imagination, always tight, short and paired with high heels! She is actually getting worse. Hellokd87-her swollen ass ankles are TACKY! She is too into herself to actually dress appropriately, I loved fitted clothes but hers are TIGHT and she her body just doesn't look right.

mizkr... mizkriz73

she should just stay home and off her feet for the rest of her pregnancy. I am sure with her money and the way her family caters to her every want she would be very comfy at home. Such a attention whore.

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