Marina Krim Is Pregnant 8 Months After Horrible Deaths of Her 2 Kids

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Kevin and Marina Krim, who suffered unbearable tragedy and loss when their two children, Lulu and Leo, were stabbed to death in their New York City apartment, allegedly by their own trusted nanny, deserve good news. And what they have is amazing, awesome news. News that will make your heart leap. Marina and Kevin announced on Facebook that they are pregnant! Marina is expecting a little boy in the fall.

The entire message, written on the Lulu & Leo Fund wall, says:

We are very happy to let you know that Marina is expecting a baby in the fall. Nessie can't wait to welcome her new baby brother. We are filled with many emotions as we look to the future, but the most important one is hope.

We are very grateful to you all for your amazing support.

- Marina and Kevin

The message was accompanied by a mural drawing of two children holding hands with the background of a starry sky.

Responses were predictably ecstatic. "This is the happiest magical news we could all hope for," wrote one supporter. Says another: "I feel as if someone very close in my family had given me this wonderful news!"

Indeed, it does sort of feel like a family member has shared this news. We all followed the horror that happened last year when the Krims' nanny, Yoselyn Ortega, allegedly stabbed two of her young charges, 2-year-old Leo and 6-year-old Lucia ("Lulu"), to death in their own bathtub. What could make a nanny, who had seemingly loved the children and was part of the family, do this? We all began questioning who we know, who we can trust, who we can leave our children with. We wondered how the Krims could ever recover from something so devastating.

A baby will not make everything magically better. Marina and Kevin will live with this pain in their hearts forever. The ache of missing Lulu and Leo, and knowing how they died, will never truly fade away. But a baby is healing. It's new life. And now Nessie, their surviving child, will have a sibling.

So touching and heart-lifting to hear that this family finally has something wonderful to celebrate.

What do you think of this news?


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Crystal Rider

I think it is amazing. I have been keeping up with this family on there facebook page. They truely loved Lulu and Leo and this new baby will never replace them, but we all do have to move on. Congrats and the best of Luck with the new baby! 

Freela Freela

Wishing them all the best. I can't even imagine what they've been through.

schlis schlis

For some reason this makes me very sad and nervous for them.

Venae Venae

Sure hope mom will be able to cope w/two children w/o having a nanny this time.

lilta... liltampa71

Venae, your comment makes it seem like you blame the mother because the nanny killed the child.  Very snarky.  All accounts is she was a very involved mother whose husband traveled often so she needed an extra pair of hands.

JoJos415 JoJos415

I am so happy to hear this. I know it won't begin to ever take away their pain, but it is wonderful to have a new life joining their family. My best to the Krims.

hopea... hopealways4019

My son died last year, i want another child, no another child wont replace him. Because each childis unique. But they deserve happiness again, so do i. Losing a child is so horrible, a new life is a blessing.

Ann Robertson

what happened to the Nanny in the end?

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