Kim Kardashian Cradles Baby & Shows Bump in Strange Camouflage Beach Coverup

kim kardashianKim Kardashian hasn't been one to shy away from daring clothing during her pregnancy. From sheer tops to curtain dresses, the woman has been taking some serious maternity risks the past seven months. But Kim's latest getup -- a camouflage swimsuit coverup -- could be her strangest yet.

While soaking up the sun on a jealousy-inducing Greek vacation, Kim was photographed cuddling her adorable niece Penelope. In the pic, she has on a teeny-tiny bikini; a head full of French braids that very few could rock; and this camo thing. While Kim looks uh-mazing pregnant in a bikini (suck it, haters!), I'm not really feeling this sarong. One, because I do find it a little weird for camouflage to be a fashion statement, and two, I think it makes Kim look way bigger than she is.

We all saw Kim sans sarong recently, and let's be honest here: The woman looks fantastic. After all the "fat" jokes and nasty magazine covers that have been running rampant during Kim's pregnancy, I think that one pic shut people up for good. But then she goes and wears this. Perhaps it's tied wrong, or maybe shapeless coverups just don't look good on pregnant women. Whatever the reason -- I vote that Kim forgo the coverup altogether and just rock a swimsuit. 

And on another note: Can we all agree that this is an incredibly sweet photo of Kim and Penelope? I know everyone hates her and thinks she's the worst, but this is really cute. Sure, it may be staged, as most Kardashian things are, but not everyone can look this natural and happy with a baby in their arms. You're going to be a great mom, Kim. You and all your weird clothes.

What do you think of Kim's camo coverup?

Image via Pacific Coast News



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Golde... GoldenEagle183

Holding Penelope was just for show and the cameras. Kim cannot share the spotlight and will only

bring out the baby for photo ops. The nannies will do ALL the work just like her and her sisters nannies did

when they were younger.

hello... hellokd87

Kourtney doesn't have a nanny, so who's to day Kim will?! Just because they grew up like that doesn't mean they're goin to keep it going. Kourtney is a great mom & I think Kim will be, too.

MrsCh... MrsChurch

Penelope is sooo cute! I won't comment about anything else ;)

Paws84 Paws84

I think Kourtney's more down to earth than Kim. Even Kourtney said herself that there's much more important things in life than something as small as fashion, and that's all Kim and her gay boyfriend care about. She'll definitely hire a nanny. Their whoe situation is a disaster. Kim being a mom? Being gay, having extreme temperament issues, every other word he says is 'fuck', and that is going to grow up hating white people just like Kanye does.

Paws84 Paws84

That kid*

nonmember avatar Heywood

She is not only a man meat wh or e, but a publicity w ho re whos only talent is swallowing the chowder which still makes her more talented then the hack she sleeps with.

nonmember avatar Heywood

She has no talent other then swallowing man juice. She will exploit southwest airlines until her head explodes.

nonmember avatar Jack

That whole family nauseates me.

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