Mom Enters Unborn Baby in Beauty Pageant -- No, Seriously

tiaraWow. As of today -- I think I've officially heard it all. Especially after reading the story about a mom who entered her unborn baby in a beauty competition.

Yes -- a mom from the U.K. has apparently decided the baby she's seven months pregnant with just might be the world's next Honey Boo Boo -- so she's getting her started on the pageant circuit before she's even born.

Are you believing this?

Jenny Oliver's baby girl, who will be named either Ella or Eva, is due to make her entrance into the world in July. And in September, she'll have the pleasure of taking part in the Bonnie Baby pageant. When she's still pretty much a newborn. (Because what else is there for a newborn to do besides try and win a tiara?)

For now, Jenny entered the child under the name Ella and says, "Ella will do so much better in life with all that experience under her belt. They learn how to hold themselves and be poised, be confident, and get to do charity work and wear gorgeous clothes. I've got a tiny pale pink and white dress in mind for Ella. She's only going to be 3 months old but she’ll have a bit of fun on the day."

Uhhhhh, what?

Ok, so I know plenty of people put their kids on waiting lists for elite preschools and such well before they're born -- but entering them into beauty pageants? Really? Isn't that kind of taking things a little too far?

I know this woman digs pageants since her 10-year-old daughter is into them and all -- but what if parading around in a tiny tutu isn't this baby's thing?

Looking back, I guess I, too, had hopes and dreams for my son before his birth. I imagined him playing soccer one day. Or joining a little league team. Or acting in a play. But I certainly didn't buy him a pair of cleats and shin guards or try and land him an audition at a local theater.

We can have all sorts of ideas about who our children will be -- but we don't know for sure until after they actually arrive and grow up and develop their own interests. And while I understand that this mom has all sorts of reasons why she wants her new baby to follow in her big sister's footsteps -- it still seems like she's getting a little bit ahead of herself. Perhaps she should at least wait to officially meet her little one before kicking off her pageant career. (Just a suggestion.)

Be honest -- have you signed up your unborn baby for some sort of activity post-birth? (Why?)


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gridi... gridironsmom

What if baby is a boy at birth? Lol.

gridi... gridironsmom

What if baby is a boy at birth? Lol.

nonmember avatar Meg

I assume she knows the gender of the baby. First question that came to my mind was: what if she is ugly? :p

Todd Vrancic

I hope she gives birth to a boy.  Strike that, I just hope that she changes her mind.

lalab... lalaboosh

Aww, I was hoping it was a fetus pageant. Lol.

Megan Johnson

I didn't do it with my kids, but I do have a trophy from a pageant that my mom entered me in when I was about 6 months old. :-p

Vegeta Vegeta

Aw I thought it meant she was going to enter her pregnant stomach in a pageant. Make a statement about how ludicrous pageants are.

Kaylen Diane Pickering

wow just wow I know I have and had dreams for my little girl she is after all my little princess but this is a bit much I mean what if her kid doesn't want to? Will she be one of THOSE mom's? Forcing her kid to do this when the child clerly doesn't want it? Or worse what if her little girl is transgender? This mom is putting what she wants a head of what her child may want and that's just wow

Dani Turner

I honestly don't see the big deal. I think it's a bigger deal to pierce a baby's ears. So she's dressing her up and showing her off for a day at 3 months old...ok? How is that offensive? People need to focus a little more on their own lives, as opposed to picking everyone else's apart. This article is so petty.

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