Kate Middleton's Due Date Tells Us Her Baby Will Be a Lot Like Princess Diana

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kate middletonThe royal baby due date has been announced. And by "announced", I mean "leaked". According to the Daily Mail, Kate Middleton recently revealed that July 13 was the exact date given to her by doctors. The Duchess of Cambridge reportedly announced this at a family barbecue recently, and a "friend" who was there then leaked this to the papers. Nice friend. But anyway. Here's what I'm taking away from this: Kate Middleton is giving birth to a Cancer. That's perfect for the royal couple!

Cancers, for those of you not up on your astrology signs, are homebodies. They're not ones for the limelight, preferring a night in with a home-cooked meal and a movie, as opposed to a wild party. However, that said, Cancers do enjoy socializing, and are great at meshing with people from all walks of life. Cancers are also sweet and sensitive souls, just like Princess Diana. Could there be a more perfect sign for Will and Kate? The royal couple is known for staying in and relaxing instead of partying Prince Harry-style. But on the flip side, there are social obligations they have no choice but to attend. The astrology gods have blessed the Duke and Duchess with the perfect baby!

Now, the odds of Kate giving birth on July 13 are pretty slim, but regardless, she's got a pretty good margin protecting her Cancer baby. She would either have to go a little over three weeks early, which would give her a Gemini, or a little over a week late, which would give her a Leo. I'm sure she and Will would be fine with any zodiac sign for their baby, but I say she try to keep it in that June 21 to July 22 range -- seems like they're meant for a Cancer.

What sign is your baby?


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Estee Wilcox

Ya ! But I am a cancers  mess with us will do anything in are power to hurt u mentally ! too cancer are flexible that way ..

Serab... Serabelle

I'm a cancer, and while we are kind and compassionate to a fault, if you fuck with our loved ones, we will make you pay. Ithink it is a good trait for a future leader of the world!

Kelly Staves

lol that's awesome! I'm due the 12th/ 

Beaut... Beautlily

I'm due 13th too lol

tjmommie tjmommie

our youngst son is a LEO. our older kids are CAPRICORN, AQUARIUS and AQUARIUS!

puggy... puggylove10

My oldest is a Leo, just like my husband, ugh! And she's a teen Leo at that. And the baby is a Gemini. I'm in a house filled with crazy personalities.

Turtl... Turtledoves

I have a cancer and I'm a cancer myself. I love the sign, I'd have more cancers willingly! This baby is going to be a Saggitarius though.

Amand... Amandajo1380

That's actually my birthday! You don't mess with a cancer!

nonmember avatar Anya

I have a Cancer child, and he is my baby, not just because he's the youngest, but he's also the sensitive one who wears his heart on his sleeve... I have to turn the channel when the ASPCA commercials come on and he can't stand it when kids or animals are harmed. He's also a whiz kid and academics come easily to him. Hope these same positive qualities make their way to the royal baby....

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