Pregnant Women Deserve Mother's Day Gifts Too

pregnant heartsHere's some math that's bound to end in disappointment. According to a survey, 60 percent of pregnant soon-to-be moms are expecting a Mother's Day present. But 60 percent of soon-to-be dads have no clue they should be ordering flowers and charm bracelets right at this exact moment. Oh no, where did this expectation even come from?

Should we blame push presents? I guess if you're gestating a human being you're bound to be experiencing the first stirrings of maternal feelings. And you're already thinking of yourself as a mother, even if you're not quite there yet. So can you blame a woman for wanting to join in the Mother's Day fun a little early?

I admit, I probably would have been one of those women with her hand outstretched while pregnant. Why? BECAUSE I LOVE PRESENTS, OBVIOUSLY. If there's an excuse out there in the world for someone to give me something pretty I will take advantage of it. But through a fluke of timing it didn't quite work out for me. I conceived in April and didn't find out until very early May -- and I can't remember if it was before or after Mother's Day. Regardless, even if I knew I was probably still in "OMG, I'm pregnant!" mode and didn't even think about Mother's Day.

On the other hand, is there a dark side to pregnant Mother's Day gifts? What if you have a miscarriage? What if there are complications during labor? Not to be pessimistic, but maybe there's a good reason not to claim that Mother's Day quite so early.

Still, it sounds like a sweet idea. I don't really think of Mother's Day as something you "earn." And I understand while some moms actively hate the day. But giving a mom-to-be a gift would be a sweet gesture that just says, "I'm excited about what's to come." Because you ARE!

Do you think first-time pregnant women should expect presents on Mother's Day?


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lovem... lovemy2sons25

I didnt get mothers day presents when I was pregnant, didn't get a push present, and didn't get a present last year which would have been my first mothers day with my son (and I was pregnant with my 2nd son) (didnt get a push present with him either I had a c section but still) I hope I get something for mothers day but if not I got my boys and thats really all I need anyways :D

2cent... 2centsCDN

There's a reason why people always tell pregnant women that their life will change when they have the baby. It changes because now you're a Mom. Before that, you're just a pregant woman.

I also don't understand the push gift. This is a new trend that hopefully will not last, I find even the name of it annoying.

Smoke... Smokeygirl

I was pregnant last Mother's Day and didn't expect anything, I didn't get, nor expect a "push present" when our son was born. I think it is a bit greedy and ridiculous to expect gifts, especially if you're not yet a mother.

linzemae linzemae

my sil is pregnant and i bought her something small to celebrate.

bills... billsfan1104

I don't think pregnant women should expect one, but getting one is nice. When I was pregnant with my first daughter 20 years ago, my grandfather God Rest his soul, sent me a card with a pregnant woman and it said Happy Mothers Day. God, I miss him

eem8605 eem8605

I'm 24 weeks and 4 days pregnant. I have considered myself a mother since I conceived this child. Since this child has been concieved I have cared for him, nutured him, checked on his heartbeats on a weekly basis myself, gone to appointments to assure his health, and have provided for all of his needs. I read to him when I get a chance, always 2 or more books at a time. We listen to music, which he has a vast array of things he responds to already. Granted my body is doing the parenting right now, I am a mother. This is my child. My husband is planning on getting me a gift. Did I ask for it? No. We somewhat planned this child and he said I would celebrate Mother's Day this year. I have PCOS and Hashimoto's thyroiditis which the PCOS alone makes pregnancy difficult to achieve. Luckily, the hypothyroidism medication increased my fertility and we got pregnant right off. This baby is our gift, our miracle, and yes we are celebrating every minute of it. Especially on Mother's and Father's Day. Our dream of a child came true from two people that were unsure about being able to have children of thier own. Being a parent starts at conception. From that point you do what's best for the baby. Even women who lose their babies are mothers. They, for a moment, had a child. Even if it was taken away too soon, the love doesn't die. You don't stop being a mother when a child dies either. If you for any moment carried a child and loved that child, you are always a mother.

Fondue Fondue

eem8605, as someone who has lost every baby she has ever carried, I appreciate when someone recognizes that even though I don't have a baby to hold in my arms, only in my heart, I am still a mother.

Last Mother's Day was very difficult for me because my first baby would've been due the following week.  My husband gave me a gift--a box of cookies from my favorite shop.  And it meant the world to me.

MamaC... MamaCatShively

Fondue - I'm so sorry for your loss and I think it was perfect of your husband to recognize you on mother's day.  I didn't expect anything at all when I was pregnant but I did get wished a happy mothers day by just about everyone and I got a very sweet expectant mom card from my MIL.  I thought it was nice but certainly not expected.

nonmember avatar MsKDennae

I agree with eem8605. Just because a woman may have had to deal with a heartbreaking miscarriage, it doesn't make her any less of a Mom, simply because her baby didn't get the chance to be born and live. Any woman who has carried a child, by one standard or another, is a Mother, indeed. That being said, I feel pregnant Mom's have just as much of a right to celebrate Mother's Day as any other. I'm also sorry to hear of your loss, Fondue.

Jessica Patty Ramos

In my opinion, a pregnant woman is a mother. It doesnt matter if she has a miscarriage or not - she still is a mother, and the baby is her child, and always will be whether she is able to give birth or not. Alive or dead, that is her child and always will be, which makes her a mother. Every woman should be celebrated for their hard work and willingness for their family. No woman should be told that she isnt a mother and doesnt deserve recognition just because the baby isnt born yet. All mothers need to be appreciated no matter what stage of their motherhood they are in.

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