Mom Gives Birth to Baby After Adopting Her (VIDEO)

ashley fife

OMG. It's been a while since a story really moved me and gave me chills, but after hearing about how 10-month-old Ashley Fife came into the world, I'm having a tough time getting the lump out of my throat.

The baby's parents, Samantha and Jordan Fife, adopted her -- but Samantha also carried her in her womb and gave birth to her. (Yes, really.)

They already have two adoptive daughters, and when they decided they wanted to add a third child to their family, they stumbled across a nontraditional way of going about the process -- embryo donation.

Here's the amazing part -- the Fifes adopted Ashley's frozen embryo, which was one of five unused embryos leftover from a couple from Arizona, Dana and Vince Davis, who had undergone IVF.

Two of the embryos were implanted into Samantha -- and one resulted in a healthy pregnancy -- which nine months later gave the Fifes the third child they'd longed for.

Take a look at this video clip to hear their story, and to hear why the Davis family decided to donate their embryos.


Let me guess -- you're in tears, right? It's ok. I'll give you a minute.

I have to admit, I've often thought about whether or not I would ever consider donating my eggs -- and my answer has always been "no." I simply couldn't imagine knowing that I had a biological child out there somewhere who I'd never know, hold in my arms, read bedtime stories to at night, see graduate from high school, and so on and so forth. And on top of that, I always thought it would be a bit irresponsible of me, because I couldn't guarantee that my child would be raised in a loving home.

But after hearing the Fifes' story and seeing that beautiful, happy, adored baby girl, I think I'd possibly change my mind if I found myself going through IVF with leftover embryos that might not otherwise have a chance at life.

I mean, can you really think of a more beautiful gift than not only helping someone become a mother, but also allowing her to experience the miracle of pregnancy and childbirth? I really can't imagine a more selfless act -- and it's obvious that the Davis' feel very strongly that they did the right thing by allowing the Fifes to parent their child.

And after seeing Ashley with her parents, it's so obvious that she was not only meant to be -- but that she was supposed to be their daughter. (Ooh! I just got the chills again.)

Would you ever consider embryo donation?


Image via KPTV

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We considered it. We had 6 frozen embryos left after successful IVF - and then 2 healthy, naturally occurring pregnancies. With 4 children in just over 3 years and accumulating storage fees, we decided we no longer "needed" the embryos, and I asked about donating them. When I heard it would be an adoption, though, and we would need a lawyer, we decided not to go through with it.

LostS... LostSoul88

I wouldn't do it just because I already have 2 kids and I am happy with the number I have.

I wouldn't donate mine either becaue I carrier a geneic disorder and don't want to pass that around. 

nonmember avatar blh

I think it's incredibly selfish to make all these embryos then just trash them. IVF creeps me out, I would just adopt. The world is way too overpopulated anyways.

tuffy... tuffymama

What blh said. *shudders*

Amanda Winborne

you cant judge people that want a chance at being a parent, I personally work in the adoption field, and because of illness will never be able to have a pregnancy, but I am not sure I will ever be able to adopt because of the fact that so many biological parents change their minds, and I know I want a chance to raise a baby. The other side of that it that it can be the same cost to do domestic adoption as it is to use a gestational carrier. Im not saying this answer is for everyone, but so many of the people who criticize those who turn to things such as IVF or embryo adoption have never had to experience the heartache of not being able to have a child.

nonmember avatar Admk

For you the people who made a comment that "IVF creeps you out." Shame on you. How dare you say something like that. Do you know how hard it is to adopt in US? The cost, the heartache, years and years of waiting for a child! In some states the birth mother can change her mind and take the child back.I hope for your sake, no one in your life experiences infertility because its the hardest most gutwrenching thing I've ever experienced. Educate yourself before speaking. You sound so ignorant.

julie... julie21210

Admk I agree with you . Adoption is not a walk in the park and neither is IVF .. But people do what they have to .. And no one should judge for that. I'm not sure y IVF is "creepy" either , I find it fascinating. One if my closest friends just went through this and she is currently like 4 months pregnant (lesbian couple so obviously it wasn't gonna happen the old fashion way!). And I find it incredible what this process allows. I think it's incredibly selfless to donate eggs and if I ever found myself in that position and I had extra I would definitely donate them! Your giving the greatest gift you can give to someone , a child, but unlike normal adoption , you are also giving them the experience of pregnancy and birth which is something most adoptive parents don't get but I bet almost all of them want

Anne-Marie Overton

I think I would maybe donate. I am attemping IVF in the future and if there are many left over, which I hope not, but in case I think I would really want them to live on even if through someone else. Adoption is lovely as well, but $60,000.00 to adopt in awfully hard. I would love to see a  non profit adoption agency!

Tiffaney Nicole Sansbury

I would donate without a doubt. I know there are tons of women out there unable to have their own child and not being able to carry your baby inside you, feel them kick and complain about morning sickness or heartburn, is heartbreaking. I have a son and am pregnant with my second. I don't plan on having anymore but I think it'd be amazing to help another woman feel the joy that I and so many others have. And you guys that say IVF is 'creepy' You do sound extremely ignorant. I hope you never go through finding out that you're infertile and can't get a donor because it's "creepy.' Grow up!

afroc... afrocolombia

Noooo, yo no le regalaria Mis Hijos a nadie ¡¡¡¡¡¡ El hecho de Pensar Que sean parecidos a mi, Que Tengan mi temperamento o el de los abuelos y no los Vea CRECER. ESO me PARECE cruel con migo Misma.

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