18 Worst Things Said to Moms During Labor & Delivery

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labor roomGiving birth to a baby is, well, kind of an emotional roller coaster ride for most of us, and that's why it's so nice to have kind, compassionate nurses and doctors cheering us on and taking care of us as we bring our little ones into the world.

But while a great medical staff can make having a baby the best experience of a mom's life -- hearing insults, rude comments, or statements that are downright mean come out of their mouths really kind of put a damper on the entire day. (And when family members say something crappy, that sucks too.)

Hard to believe, but it happens.

Check out some of the worst things people have said to moms while they're giving birth:

  1. While practically screaming at me, my nurse grabbed my shoulders and loudly said, "WHY ARE YOU CRYING??" And then when I told her I thought I'd peed all over myself, she responded with, "SO WHAT?" -- Mary, The Stir
  2. "'Let's get this going. I don't have all day.' -- by my fill-in doctor." -- Jen
  3. "The doctor came in with blinky sleepy eyes and said, 'wow it's been a long time since I've been called in here.' WHAT!?!?!?" -- Julie, A Year With Mom and Dad
  4. "'You can't push yet. Your doctor won't be here for at least 10 minutes.' (As my baby was crowning.) I almost kicked that nurse in the face." -- Raynah
  5. "Used me as a pincushion -- could not for the life of her administer my epidural. Kicked my husband out of the room in the most degrading way possible -- 'Awww, dad can't handle it.' And then told me I needed to be quiet during my contractions because I was bothering the other patients. Just disgusting. I filed a complaint with the hospital after I left." -- Jill
  6. "Anesthesiologist came in room and said 'I'm sorry we are out of epidurals -- it's going to be about an hour before I can give you one.' A hospital "ran out" of epidurals? What is that!?" -- @pearson2363
  7. "By my (now ex) husband, 'stop scrunching your face and breathe like you learned in Lamaze, it can't be THAT bad.'" -- @Crystal_Bethel
  8. "As they were putting in the final stitch after my C-section I overheard my doctor bragging, 'that, my friends, goes down in record as the fastest c section I've ever performed.' I was wheeled into recovery just praying everything was back in its rightful place!" -- Julie
  9. "As my anesthesiologist was about to put my epidural in he said, 'now when you push, your bird won't be numb!'" -- Brittany
  10. "For my first child I was in so much and the nurse said to me, 'It doesn't hurt.' And I asked 'Do you have any children?' And she replied, 'No.' My snappy comment to her was, 'Then how the heck would you know if it hurts?' Like you said, BITCH!!" -- Tina
  11. "The OB on call wasn't in the hospital so I talked to her on the phone. She kept yawning as she gave me a choice of having her come in and do a C-section or waiting for the next doctor in the morning. Yeah, I waited so she wouldn't fall asleep in my nether regions." -- Denise, According to Denise
  12. "The one that sticks in my head is when Shannon was having Zoey and the doctor said she needed to hurry up because he wanted to go home! REALLY?" -- Kristine
  13. "I was waiting sooo long for an epidural and in the worst pain I could ever imagine. They started setting up a table with instruments in my room and my MOM says 'looks like your doing this the old fashioned honey' I just started screaming 'Noooooo!' Thanks for scaring the hell out of me mom!" -- Rebecca
  14. "I was lying in the bed and felt a gush. Thinking my water broke, I told my husband to call a nurse. Turns out I just passed a huge clot (sorry for the TMI), and the nurse actually treated me like I was an idiot for calling her. Um, how was I supposed to know it wasn't my water breaking? I'd never given birth before! Sheesh!" -- Jeanne, The Stir
  15. "I was being induced, so they had a fetal monitor on my stomach, but I was having bad back labor. When I'd turn on my side so my husband could massage me, the nurse would run in and tell me that this was NOT about me, this was about the baby, so I needed to just lie on my back and take it." -- Jeanne, The Stir
  16. "'Wait...are you in labor, or are you here to be induced?' Uh how about you tell me! It was my first." -- @lizzieshafer
  17. "After laboring for 20+ hours the nurse said 'all the other moms have delivered. You're the LAST one!' Awesome." -- @vitatrain4life
  18. "When the nurse told me there was no time for an epidural - I was having my baby now!" -- @krissyclarkemcke

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What was the worst thing someone said to you during your labor and delivery?


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LostS... LostSoul88

Ive gotten it can't hurt that bad and my midwife for my son told me to shut up when I let out a little scream from pain. She said I wasn't allwoed to scream and if I wasnted to make noise fromt he bad to put my face in a pillow so she doesn't have to hear me. 

lovem... lovemy2sons25

Lostsoul88 I would have slapped her!!

nonmember avatar Mary

I was in the hospital for a couple of days before my daughter was born. One day, my mother in law came in to chat for a while and started telling me about a lady from her church who had just delivered a stillborn baby....WTH????

nonmember avatar Christina

While I was having a hard time pushing my boyfriend said I guess you don't want to have him today lets go home and come back another day. Then my mother has the nerve to let out a huge sigh a few minutes later because I wasn't going fast enough for her. My delivery sucked.

LostS... LostSoul88

fuck I can't spell or type worth shit lol

First... FirstTimeMama21

My nurse when I was initally brought in was a complete bitch!  I was in the middle of a contraction and told me I was causing my own labor pain as she tried to put my IV in for the 8th time. Somehow, lucky me, got her AGAIN 12 hours later. She told me it would be HOURS before I had to push. Hah! Little did she know my baby was born 10 minutes later!

nonmember avatar 4th and done

I'm sorry I have to try that epi again, with my 4th son it took her 5 times and she blamed it on me, even though Iwas still and had never had to get poked more than once with my other 3, and when I was delivering my 4th son the dr said he has some brooooaaad shoulders, lol, explained why Ihad so much trouble pushing him out :/

dearg76 dearg76

This isn't a thing that was said but done when I was in labor - I was induced and the nurse came in to check dilation every hour. I was in labor for 13 hours - she (TMI if you don't know how they check dilation) put her very well manicured 1" fingernailed fingers up in me at least 13 times - OMG it freaking hurt - and she couldn't understand why it hurt so much when she did it. 

My husband complained after we left. Nurses should be required to have short nails if they are going to be putting them up inside you!!!!!

Kim Hunn

The doctor who delivered my daughter was not my OB so knew nothing about me. She apparently thought I was a teenager (I was 31, I just look really young). After pushing for an hour and a half, I was exhausted and flagging. She screamed at me, "You can't look pretty when you push! Let's go!" My mother almost decked her. After the delivery while being stitched up, my mom over heard her tell one of the nurses, "She just may turn out to be a good mother when she grows up."  

Fondue Fondue

And some people wonder why some mothers prefer to have a homebirth. 

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