8 Ways Having Kids Makes It Harder for You to Make Another Baby (PHOTOS)

third babyBaby number one is the easiest one to make (assuming you are healthy and fertile, etc.). It’s just you and your partner and oodles and oodles of time. Have sex in the kitchen, why not? There are no little people there to stop you. Have sex in the morning? Why not? There are no tiny feet at your head and extra people in your bed.

For us, even baby number two was easy enough to make. Our baby was a great sleeper so every weekend we had hours of “nap time” to get horizontal ourselves and then an early bed time that gave us lots of alone moments.

Then those babies grow. They become big kids with schedules of their own and constant noise and demands. They can’t be placed in one area and expected to stay in that area for longer than three minutes, which is why making that third baby is probably the hardest one at all.


The barriers are not hormonal or physical or even the kind made by big pharmaceutical companies. Nope. These barriers have names and big, loud voices and they may never get a sibling because they are the king and queen of the @#$@ block. Literally. See the reasons why making a third baby is the hardest of all below:


Image via jlz/Flickr

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