Amanda Berry's Birth Story Details Are the Most Heartbreaking of All

Amanda BerryThere are countless horrifying details pouring in about the lives of the three women rescued this week after being held captive in a house of horrors in Ohio for 10 years. Among the most heartbreaking, however, are those regarding the birth story of Amanda Berry's daughter Jocelyn.

According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the girl -- who is now 6 -- was born in a small inflatable swimming pool while her mother was in captivity. There were no doctors present, just her fellow captives, one of whom was reportedly forced to deliver the baby herself.

CNN reports that when Berry went into labor accused kidnapper Ariel Castor grabbed Michelle Knight (who was also being held captive) and told her to deliver the baby. We can only imagine how terrified both girls were, with no medical knowledge or prior birth experience.

A source told the police that when the baby was born she stopped breathing, and everyone panicked. Castro reportedly said, "If that baby dies, I'm going to kill you."

As we know, she did not die; she survived, and instead entered into the world as captive herself for the next six years. It's one of the most horrifying birth scenes imaginable.  I think of all of the fears of most first-time mothers, then add to that the unthinkable circumstances she was under, and it's just unbearable. Yet I have to also wonder if that miracle of new life -- no matter how it came about -- somehow gave the women hope, something to focus on rather than their fate. I hope so ... somehow.

Adding even more heartbreak to the story, there are reports that there were "multiple" pregnancies among the three women that ended in miscarriage. It's unknown if other babies were born alive, and police are still looking for bodies of other children.

Can you imagine giving birth under these circumstances?


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kaffe... kaffedrikke

The scum 2hondid this just need to be out feet first through a wood chipper.

jalaz77 jalaz77

This just gets worse and worse. Someone needs to shoot those men, seriously get rid of them now. Waste of oxygen.

nonmember avatar FarmersWife

Poor girls. They are warriors!!!

nonmember avatar Misty

I feel so bad for these girls. That man and his brothers do not deserve to breath the same air as their victims. I feel like a $1.32 bullet is too much for those 3 scums. Sicko child molestors.

early... earlybird11

Ugh I feel I'll reading this shit

kerwo... kerwolfe712

You said no medical knowledge or prior birth experience, but Michelle Knight had a son before she disappeared. Not that giving birth once, likely in a hospital, really qualifies one to deliver a baby, but she did have personal experience.

Serab... Serabelle

This story just hurts my heart. It's so sad what happened. I hope these women all find peace in their lives.

nonmember avatar ZMommy

This is so sad. I hope these women are able to find peace and happiness after 10 yrs of their lives were stolen. As for the sickos who did this: they need to be strung up by their balls.

Savannah Numinen

From what I've been reading the captor would punch the women in the stomach and starve them until they miscarried...what's even worse is that 2 of his brothers aren't being charged!! I'm so, so glad these women were found...for Amanda's bravery. I pray that the healing can begin quickly for them...they've been through so much and it's going to take some time for those scars to heal.

Laugh... LaughCryLive

It's a testament to how strong women are. 

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