Kim Kardashian's Bikini Baby Bump Should Finally Silence Her Fat Shamers for Good

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Kim Kardashian bikini baby bumpWhoa mama-to-be! Kim Kardashian's pregnant bikini body is plastered on the front of the new Us Weekly cover, and if I do say so myself -- she looks pretty darn amazing.

The photo was taken while she enjoyed a little fun in the sun with her family in Greece, and as you can plainly see -- the suit she's wearing really doesn't leave all that much up to the imagination.

It's about as stringy as string bikinis get, and the fact that she managed to pull it off while seven months pregnant should really be more than enough to shut up her haters once and for all.

Can I get a show of hands as to who else has absolutely had it with people calling Kim fat? Um, hello? You're supposed to gain weight during pregnancy -- that's kind of the way it works, you know, so the baby winds up being healthy, and all.

And I know some of Kim's recent maternity fashion choices haven't exactly been the most flattering things she's ever worn, but based on this bikini shot, it's clear that her body still looks great even with a big ole' baby bump.

In fact, Kim actually looks a hell of a lot better in a string bikini than she does in regular clothes these days. (Huh. Maybe she should just stick to beach attire from here on out?)

Heck, the majority of us couldn't wear that suit when we're not pregnant, given how tiny the straps are. If I put that thing on, I'm fairly certain I'd be spilling out of those bottoms. (Just sayin'.)

And Kim really couldn't have picked a more perfect time to put her bump out there on display. Let's face it -- month seven is a good one as far as pregnancy goes. You're not too big, but it's obvious that you're pregnant (not carrying a food baby), so it's the ideal time to throw on a skimpy swimsuit and show the world what you've got.

As for her haters, if this picture isn't enough to silence them for good, then I guess there's really nothing that she can do to convince them to back the fu&% off. 

(Other than doing a major bikini photo shoot a few months postpartum, of course.)

Do you think Kim looks good in her bikini?


Image via Us Weekly

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Histo... HistoryMamaX3

You know what I find upsetting... Kim herself.

SHE creates this drama and thrives on it. She claims to weigh 140 pounds, currently... and has said that this is a huge amount of weight. I'm sorry- I am the same height and weigh that much and I DO NOT look like her. She is much heavier than she is claiming to be and it is a sad thing to think that she can't be honest with herself about naturally gaining weight during this time in her life. She feels the need to lie about it and there are so many women out there struggling with weight and feeling good about themselves. :-(

Also, she makes 140 pounds sound like an elephant- that is only 5 pounds higher than the recommended 'top' of the charts for a woman of her height. 120-135 is a perfect weight, and being 5 pounds over than (while pregnant) is nothing to balk at! However, there is NO way she weighs 140 pounds.

nicol... nicolemead91

i agree historymamax3.. she deff doesn't weigh 140lbs...more like 175-180ish but that's not a bad thing..personally i think Kim looks great in this bikini pic ! i just wish she would be honest about her weight..shes pregnant for gods-sake! its perfectly normal to gain weight while pregnant! embrace it Kim, u look fabulous!! =)

lovem... lovemy2sons25

She is really not that big. Her belly and her butt are big but that's normal for a pregnant woman especially a woman who already had a big butt before she got pregnant. People just look for a reason to talk shit about her and its sad especially now that she's pregnant and everybody is talking about her body and her baby its pathetic!! People just need to get a life!!

lovem... lovemy2sons25

Oh I forgot to say She looks great in this pic!!

EmmaF... EmmaFromEire

I don't think she's fat, however i think the way she dresses herself makes her look bigger. For someoen with so much money you'd think she could buy some flattering clothes.

Rachelle Miller

Its all in the way she dresses, she needs to stop wearing leather and super baggy clothing which does the total opposite of flatter her curves. Pregnant woman gain weight all over their body not just in the belly so yes she is definitly bigger then she was but she looks great and despite everything people need to stop bashing her, imagine how you would feel if the whole world bashed how you looked while pregnant.... not fair no matter how you look at it or who you are


nonmember avatar Gina bardach

How do you know she doesn't weigh 140? My first pregnancy 24 years ago I weighed 149 on delivery day. I was probably about the same size as she is. You might be the same height but every single person is different. It's really a waste of time to stress about people that aren't even in your life. The reason SHe has been defensive and upset is because everyone seems to want to bash her and call her horrible names for her body size during pregnancy. I'm pretty sure most women would be sensitive to that ...we are women AND pregnant. It's normal to get upset. Just leave her alone for Gods sake and she wouldn't have so much to respond to!

Diane Alaniz Brown

I don't have nothing bad to say bout kim but kim is kim and she look a hell of a lot better than other people out there that are not pregnant its all the haters out there that are jealous of her that's all.. kim don't worry what them jealous people think they must look ugly and fat

nonmember avatar sarah

Kim looks great. it takes a lot of courage to wear a bikini let alone while you're pregnant.

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