Kim Kardashian Stuffs Her Bloated Pregnancy Feet Into Sandals Then Posts Pic of the Horrifying Result (PHOTO)

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Kim KardashianEwww. Nasty feet! Kim Kardashian recently tweeted a picture of her big, ol' swollen nasty pregnancy feet! Whyyyyy I don't know. But Kim seems to love sharing every painful detail of her pregnancy with the public. I'm pretty sure we're gonna see that kid crowning on Twitter. That said, whyyyyy does any woman stuff her feet into shoes like this?!

Sorry, but comfort takes priority with me. Pregnant or not, you'll never catch me in shoes that leave an imprint like that on my feet. They look like they've been strangled with zip ties.

Givenchy designed those heels, so I guess Kim felt compelled to stuff her bloated tootsies into them. She posted on Twitter:

Swollen feet or a new Givenchy tattoo?

But they couldn't have been comfortable. In fact, I've been aghast at her shoewear all during her pregnancy. A pregnant woman in stilettos! It's just crazy. Kim is either a serious trooper or seriously disturbed.

Kim told Extra TV of her out-there pregnancy style:

It’s pretty ridiculous. I love fashion, I love experimenting with fashion so for me to try all of these new things, pregnant or not pregnant, it’s been fun for me, whether they like it or not. My boyfriend also gets so defensive, and he’ll call and say, 'Who’s saying mean things' and I’m like, 'Don’t worry about it.' I’m so used to it.

Kim, I sincerely hope my using the term "bloated tootsies" did not offend you. But, um, you tweeted a picture of those whale feet. It's not like I asked to see them. Besides, I say "whale feet" with all due affection.

Did you wear uncomfortable shoes while pregnant?


Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram



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2nino... 2ninos4me

Wow !!! Whale feet ??? I'm sure that you looked so awesomele perfect during your pregnancies or if you having been pregnant that you'll be poster perfect ( plz note my sarcasm ! ) andno , she didn't ask you to see her feet but she also didn't ask you to write about it but since you like many bloggers like to rip other to pieces ang get paid for it !! Smh

Mandy Swanda

I don't find the picture of her feet nearly as disturbing as I find your attitude.  Whale feet?  Seriously?  Anyone who has been pregnant and spent too much time on their feet during their last trimester has faced similar swelling.  

Grow up.  My suggestion to your bosses is that they give you topics to cover that you actually know something about.

Venae Venae

Many of us had whale feet during pregnancy; we just didn't feel the need to share pictures of them w/the world!

If you choose to do so, suffer the wrath of those who are exposed to it.

youth... youthfulsoul

The shoes may be cute but not with a swollen foot jammed into them. Get a pair of flip flops and give your body a break.

RobJar RobJar

How do you know her feet didn't swell while she had the shoes on? I'm not a Kardashian fan. But your hateful!

linzemae linzemae

My feet were twice that size while pregnant. Granted I didnt stuff them in heels

mande... manderspanders

If you willing choose to stuff your swollen, pregnant feet into ugly ass shoes like that, then post a pic (for what purpose? Sympathy?) You deserve whatever people dish out just for being stupid. STOOPID.

My pregnant, swollen feet look awesome in comfy flip flops. I have no sympathy for Kim K and whatever pregnancy issues she has.

mamma... mammadeeder

I had big fat "whale" feet during both my pregnancies. ANYTHING I put on my feet left an imprint. I understand everyone has a right to an opinion, but your article verges on the line of being bullying. Way to go

hello... hellokd87

Then call me a whale footed pregnant woman in advance. I know I'll be stuffing my tootsies into cute shoes when I become pregnant (then again the women in my family are notorious for not swelling like most women do)!!

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