Mom Has 'Double Labor' & Gives Birth to 2 More Babies a Week After Delivering the First

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baby footWow. Most of us have probably never heard of the phenomenon of "double labor," which occurred in the case of a mom of triplets who delivered two of her babies eight days after the first was born at 26 weeks.

Sarita and Colin Saltmarsh of Sydney, Australia had conceived the triplets via IVF. On February 28, Sarita went into labor unexpectedly, and gave birth to a baby girl, Yasmin, at her home. Oh, one more thing -- did I mention Colin was the one who wound up helping deliver his daughter when the labor started? (Talk about Superdad.)

As soon as her baby was born, ambulances arrived at the home in anticipation of having three newborns to transport to the hospital. But miraculously, the other two babies stayed inside the womb -- and didn't make their entrance into the world until eight days later.

Sarita's second labor happened naturally, and little Yasmin's brother, Suntaj, and sister, Zarine, finally joined the family. Unlike the eight-day span they waited after their sister's birth, however, these two were born a mere 20 minutes apart.

Baby Yasmin is still in intensive care, and Zarine and Suntaj are in special care -- and it's a miracle in itself that all three of them survived.

Of her birth experience, Sarita said, "It was just miraculous, we feel extremely lucky to have delayed their birth, even just eight days made such a difference, they are much fatter and stronger."

Hopefully all three of the babies will continue to thrive every single day and will go home soon, and when they do -- boy, are birthday celebrations going to be interesting. I mean, what are the odds of having siblings who are triplets who weren't born on the same day? (That's enough to make anyone scratch their head in confusion.)

And it should lead to some pretty interesting discussions too. "Are you kids triplets? Oh, how cute. When is their birthday?" -- "Well, now that you mention it ..."

One thing's for sure, these parents will have quite a story to tell their children as they grow up -- and they'll be able to stress how unique and special they are, even though they're technically just regular old triplets. (Relax, I'm kidding about the "regular old" part.)

Have you ever heard of double labor?


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crymea crymea

Never heard of that I hope they are all ok

heart... heartnhidin

I have heard of it once before. Pretty amazing.

Lolly Spies Crummett

Not a double labor, but 30 years ago, I miscarried one of triplets. Thankfully the attending OB never did a D&C on me. I was then, several weeks later, diagnosed as pregnant with twins by another doctor. I carried the boys on to 32 weeks. They are now 29 years old.

Kaylen Diane Pickering

I have heard of this but it was 24-48 hours later not 8 wow I hope all 3 are ok

krazi... kraziandkoul

I have heard about it in animals...especially cats. Never people, though. Very interesting. Hope everything turns out well.

nonmember avatar Molly

My best friend is the product of a double birth. For that reason she and her brothers are called twinplets. Her older brother was born a month before the other two. He wasn't exepected to live so they went ahead with delivery and stopped labor. 24 years later all 3 of them are healthy as can be.

nonmember avatar eva

friends of ours are twins. they were born 45 minutes apart, but in different years! the oldest was born 12/31/80 @ 11:40pm and the younger one on 1/1/81 @ 12:25am. their parents had to fight with the school system about keeping them in the same grade!

nonmember avatar Amanda

never heard of double labor. I hope all three are ok and make through. I will be praying for the little ones and by the way congrads on your little additions. They are such miracle babies

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