Same Month, Different Bump: Sizing Up 6 Celebrities in Their 6th Month of Pregnancy (PHOTOS)

Kate MiddletonI was pretty surprised when I found this picture of Kate Middleton's baby bump at roughly six months into her pregnancy. It seems as though she's constantly being criticized for having a barely-there baby bump, but, look! It's totally there. And quite adorable, if I do say so myself.

She may not be as big as other pregnant celebrities, but that's because -- GASP! -- not all women are exactly the same. Therefore all pregnant women will never look exactly the same. Shocking, I know.

Let's analyze this a bit further, shall we? Here are 6 pregnant celebrities during their sixth month of pregnancy.

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Lexy Brock

People shouldnt judge the bump! That is the one thing we have no control over as pregnant moms to be. I didnt even start wearing maternity clothes unitl i was 6 months pregnant. The 1st baby for alot of woman is late showing. My baby weighed only 5 lbs. 12 oz. maybe should try to guess the royal babies weight I would put money on her having a small baby!

ms_da... ms_danielle_j

I had a small bump until about months along then BOOM! my son clearly blew up and you knew that I was pregnant! LOL he was huge! People used to ask if my bump was even real! LOL blank stare

Lisa Bradley Tate

I agree with Lexy Brock. My first child was only 6lbs 7oz and I did not show until 7 months...a lot of clothes today and 30 years ago hide baby bumps....leave Kate alone...she is looking great and so happy!!!

Deirdre Lawson

I absolutely detest the use of the words "baby bump". It sounds so trashy, and with American celebs it usually is. So, PLEASE don't apply these words to Kate Middleton. She has class, and she is pregnant. She looks healthy, and that's all that matters. And in the end, who really gives a shit how a woman looks when she's pregnant? Pregnancy is a normal fact of life. Get over it already.

Kristin Tara Murphy-Burt

I agree with Lexy, The bump should not be judged and neither should the parent. I did not show for awhile and then boom I started showing. Pregnancy is a natural part of life and no woman should be made to feel any less confident just because of the way she is gaining weight or not gaining weight. With my second child I only gained 4lbs and had my daughter 6 weeks early and she was still 6lbs 2oz.

Fatima Wiesner Cole

she look great and that belly is so cute. i love her more now.

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