6 Wild Pregnancy Cravings & What They Could Really Mean

picklesWe've all heard about crazy pregnancy cravings: Pickles with ice cream, dirt, flavored potato chip crumbs -- just the crumbs. Sometimes a craving is just a craving. You're feeling emotional and a certain food just feels right. But a crazy food craving could also mean there's some nutrient you could use a little more of in your diet. So here's some cravings we've had heard about -- some bizarre, some totally predictable -- and what your body might actually be asking for.


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B1Bomber B1Bomber

I wanted pickles because vinegar kept me from puking for just long enough to eat some real food.

eupeptic eupeptic

My spirit guide has been interacting with me since 2007 (he began verbal communication with me in late 2008), and some of the things he's done include causing me to crave certain foods (it's quite obvious it's him when I suddenly have cravings for something such as broccoli and I don't want to eat broccoli, and then the cravings go away within 10 seconds after complaining to my spirit guide), increase or decrease the taste of what I'm eating (to the point where raw broccoli is no longer bitter and fruit juice concentrate barely has any taste, or to the other extreme where food tastes so unimaginably good that I almost melt onto the floor from the pleasure I experience by eating it [cherry pie has been the best in this regard]), and cause me to feel as though I might vomit (fortunately he has never caused me to vomit, but I don't doubt that he can do that).

eupeptic eupeptic

Having had these experiences I imagine that when a woman's tastes for and against certain foods (or inability to hold down) changes during pregnancy it is largely because of spiritual influences (though there can be biological reasons as well so you can't always be certain what's what) since the spirit that will be reincarnating into the body that's being developed may/does desire that certain influences be present during gestation in order to achieve a certain outcome. (Perfect health is not always desired by the spirit that is about to reincarnate [the spirit often enters the body right after birth as it doesn't need to be in the body while it's developing in the womb] as a lot can be learned by having traits that make life more difficult. Having an ideal life causes one to be spoiled, and most spirits prefer to face and overcome challenges rather than be spoiled because overcoming challenges often leads to the greater enlightenment of themselves and/or others.)

eupeptic eupeptic

With this said I'd encourage one to use their own intuition and common sense with regard to how to respond to what goes on during pregnancy rather than assume that everything has certain, specific meanings. (The same is true with dreams and their meanings - dreams often don't have specific meanings - instead they are often meant to be interpreted in a way that gives the individual things to think about and/or choose to act upon in one manner or another. There is no right or wrong. Dreams are not meant to dictate our lives. Every individual is in control of their life and the decisions they make, so make the decisions that you think you should make.) And if it is desired you can also have the intention of having dreams that will help you gain a greater understanding of what would help your pregnancy before going to bed. (If you don't have the desire and intention of having helpful dreams you likely will only have the minimum number of helpful dreams in life as having the desire to help yourself is an important part of actually helping yourself. Spirits do not and Source [often called "God" here on Earth] does not tell you how to live your life. You decide how to live your life.)

annie666 annie666

when i was pregnant i only craved watermelon and broccoli and horchata water and churros if i ate anything besides this i would throw up non stop

femal... femaleMIKE

A friend of mine said she craved dirt and ate it.  I asked if she enjoyed it.  she said, "yup and it was really good.  hit the spot". lol

I am 29 weeks and so far I have not experienced a real craving. 

Wendi Schwinler-Wagner

The ice cravings are for anyone low in iron. My 16 yr daughter craved ice so bad she was eating it off the sides of the freezer.. she was seriously low in iron. 


lovem... lovemyson1224

A friends sister craved (clean) toilet paper when she was pregnant.

Aundria Cooper Premo

I ate ice like crazy with my first baby. I mean, I'd buy CUPS and CUPS throughout the day. My OB said so long as it was PURE ice, and not the crap that builds up in your freezer if yours isn't an auto defrost model, then it was FINE to eat the ice, since it's just water. 

Aundria Cooper Premo

Wendi, yeah, that stuff. My ob said clean, pure ice was fine. MY OB thought it may be iron in my case, too. But it wasn't. My iron was perfect. I just wanted to eat ice.

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