Reese Witherspoon's 'Pregnancy' Card During Arrest Is Truly Bizarre

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There are so many leaked Reese Witherspoon arrest tapes coming out now that if you put them all together, the film version would be longer than Dr. Zhivago. Yet more videotape has surfaced -- and hey who is releasing all of this stuff anyway? -- this time of Reese riding alone in the squad car. And when she confessed that she was saying "crazy stuff" during her arrest, she wasn't kidding. For some reason, she is determined to make the arresting officers think she's pregnant -- though she swears in real life that she's not!

Reese tells the cop whisking her off to the clink (no sign of her husband, Jim Toth, who is probably relieved to be rid of her for awhile) about the first cop, "He didn't seem to understand that I need to use the restroom."

The cop responds, "If you don't mind my asking, how far along are you?"

"Very early," says Reese. "Very new. Sort of I wouldn't be telling anyone at this point." (Irony!)

"I'm sure you have a wife and children and it just comes on you like a ton of bricks," says Reese.

Now seriously what was the purpose in all of this if Reese is truly lying? Did she think a pregnant lady -- one who was just a teeny bit pregnant -- would get her a bathroom quicker than a non-pregnant woman who just had to pee? Was she trying to guilt the cops into dropping charges? Or is she so accustomed to preferential treatment -- first as a star, and then as a woman who was pregnant recently and has been pregnant three times -- that she simply doesn't know how to exist without pulling the celebrity or pregnancy card?

It's certainly apparent now why Reese confessed on national TV that she had told the cops she was pregnant. She must have known these tapes would surface and everyone would freak out thinking she was with child and drinking alcohol. So she got ahead of the story. But what if she really is and just didn't want the criticism of drinking while pregnant? It'll be interesting to see if Reese suddenly has an announcement to make within the next few months.

That said, I feel bad for her. Everyone makes an ass of themselves sometimes, but most of us don't have it videotaped for the world to gawk at. Still, Reese needs to learn how to deal with her own messes without playing the celebrity or pregnancy card. At the end of the day, she's just a human being like everyone else. 

Did you ever use the pregnancy card to get out of trouble?

Image via Georgia State Police

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MissA... MissAlly89

Honestly, it sounds like she might be playing with drugs.

Choco... Chocodoxies

Oh, come on! She isn't drugged out, and she likely isn't even drunk. It's pretty obvious to me what was going on here, and I'm a little confused why no one else is seeing it. She is trying to get out of being arrested. That is it and that is all.  Basically this was a, "Hey, I really wasn't trying to be a problem and I'm sorry if I have pushed buttons, but really I am just a pregnant woman who REALLY has to pee and that is why I got out of the car and acted as I did".  The whole tactic is to prey on his kindness a man who doesn't understand pregnancy and perhaps he will feel badly that they put me in handcuffs.  They will apologize and let me go. No mug shot, no arrest record, this was all just a misunderstanding with a hormonal pregnant lady.  

Obviously it didn't have the effect she was hoping for, as she did get a mugshot and a record, but she rode that story all the way to the station. Can't blame a woman for trying. 

Cel7777 Cel7777

I'm far more bothered by the fact that her husband was driving drunk and her allowing him to do so than I am about what she said to the cop. Obviously she had too much to drink and was angry and probably a little frightened at the sight of her husband being arrested, and she was being obnoxious toward the cops. Whatever.

The fact that these two very wealthy individuals could have chosen to call a cab, a car service, or a friggin private jet to drive them home and instead chose to put the general public and their own lives and reputations at risk is disturbing. Well that's an exaggeration, she probably wouldn't have even needed to call herself, simply shooting her assistant a text saying "Jim and I need to be picked up at _______ at ________o'clock " would certainly have sufficed. This lack of judgment and common sense from two seemingly capable people is baffling.


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