Jennifer Aniston's Odd Comment Screams 'I'm Pregnant!'

Jennifer Aniston Mandy IngberYou guyyyyyssss! After seeing the billowy dress she wore to support her yoga instructor Mandy Ingber's new book, Yogalosophy -- it really does look as though Jennifer Aniston might be expecting a baby.

I know pregnancy rumors have followed her for about a decade and all -- but she really does seem to have a different sort of glow going on these days.

And oh yeah, she also made a comment that could be a major teaser that a little one is on the way.


In reference to her yoga practice, Jen said, "Yoga kinda helps you prepare for everything. Honestly, it’s like meditation." She went on to add, "It just allows anything that is coming at you throughout the day to be kind of ... do-able."

Do-able, huh? Like handling the ups and downs of pregnancy? Or preparing to give birth? Or getting ready to become a 44-year-old mom?

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I know she didn't come right out and say it, but hinting that she's "preparing" for something combined with wearing a dress that obviously hides her mid-section is a recipe for some serious preggo speculation.

And if that isn't enough to fuel the rumor fire -- what about those cupping marks that were seen on Jen's back a few weeks ago? Cupping has been known to help with fertility, so could it be that the treatment was successful for her?

I don't want to jump to conclusions, but something in my gut is telling me she really might be pregnant. (OMG!)

And if she is, a baby really couldn't come at a better time. She's finally found the right man in Justin Theroux, and they're set to marry -- even though Brangelina's wedding may push Jen and Justin's back a bit. (Why does Angie always have to ruin everything? Gah.)

What better way to celebrate the perfect relationship than to throw a baby into the mix and live happily ever after? (C'mon, Jen. Don't disappoint us this time.)

Do you think Jennifer is pregnant?


Image via Jason Merritt/Getty

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